Invigorating Massage Therapy Jets

Cal Spas offers a varied selection of hot tub jets, each with their own specialized function. These massage therapy jets are strategically positioned to deliver relaxing hydrotherapy massages that target specific stress areas of your body. With a simple twist of the wrist, you can turn each spa jet on or off for ultimate customization.

High Velocity Jets
High Velocity Jets form a whirlpool to circulate a high volume of water and create movement throughout the hot tub.

Storm Jets
Storm Jets circulate water through a vortex design that creates a strong current to deliver a kneading massage on your middle and lower back. Cal Spas storm jets feature an exclusive patented design.

Euro Jets
Euro jets deliver a steady stream of water to evenly massage pressure points in your back, shoulders and neck.

Rotation Jets
Rotation Jets move water rapidly in a circular pattern for a pulsating and invigorating upper and middle back massage.

Ozone Jets
Ozone Jets send soothing bubbles through the spa and infuse the water with bacteria fighting O3 oxygen from the Ozonator.

Directional Jets
Directional Jets incorporate an inner adjustable nozzle that can be moved with the tip of your finger to massage a wider area of your back and neck.

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The Escape 850L Just Got BETTER!

We have made our best-selling spa model EVEN BETTER!

Improved Jet Placement
Jets have been strategically placed for both targeted hydrotherapy and viewpoint.

More Comfortable Seating
Shoulder and hip areas of each therapy seat have been widened and adjusted for more comfort.

Lounger Enhancements
The new lounger features wider shoulder, arm and hip areas for increased comfort. While the larger step, leg and footwell area provide increased stability for entry. By popular request, our new lounger also features two foot jets.

Larger Footwell
Adding to the overall roomy feeling of this new hot tub mold, we have expanded the footwell by 3.5” in width and 2.5” in length, making this spa look and feel much larger than the previous Escape ES850L hot tub .

We have also added striking finishing touches, including smoother styling lines and a molded shell design, to complete this makeover.

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Exclusive 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™

The 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™ by Cal Spas is the most dependable, longest lasting spa heater in the industry. From the moment water enters the heating chamber, warmth is immediately transferred from the XL Heat Exchanger’s patented design. Instead of immersing heating coils in the spa water, the heating element is coiled around a stainless tube that never comes into contact with water and prevents turbulence and chemical corrosion.

Additionally, the oversized surface area of the heating chamber means more water can be heated faster than heating chambers of standard heaters. Lastly, our high-density full foam insulation drives heat directly into the spa water instead of dispersing the heat into the air, which reduces operating costs and increasing efficiency. Unlike standard spa heaters, Cal Spas backs the XL Heat Exchanger™ with a lifetime warranty.

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Topped with Innovation

All Cal Spas hot tubs come standard with a Hydro-Armor™ tapered cover. Our Hydro-Armor™ Deluxe 5” to 3” tapered hot tub cover, with high-density foam and safety child lock technology, can be added to any Cal Spas hot tub as an upgraded feature.

Unique Tapered Design
With the industry’s first tapered cover design, our covers are designed to maximize heat retention, lower operating costs and protect your hot tub from all elements. Cal Spas hot tub covers are engineered to protect your hot tub from damaging condensation. Our spa covers are designed with a tapered height, angling downward from four inches in the center to 2.5 inches on the sides, to drive off rain and prevent precipitation from pooling.

The interior lining of a Cal Spas hot tub cover, constructed of polyester-reinforced PVC with Mylar coating, provides enhanced heat retention. Its dense foam core and snug, zippered fit – with padded flaps all around the cover’s edges to prevent heat seepage – also ensure advanced thermal insulation.

Powerful UV Protection
Cal Spas hot tubs covers are 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top, filled with 2-pound virgin foam core, and supported by 18-gauge steel C-channel beams. Each spa cover is rated to withstand 1,500 hours of protection against harmful UV rays to prevent cracking, splitting or fading. Mildew inhibitors also ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your hot tub.

Child Safety and Security Locks
All Cal Spas hot tub covers feature convenient safety straps that employ a lock-and-key device to protect young children from unsupervised entry.

Cover Lift
All Cal Spas hot tub covers can be equipped with a convenient cover lift for easy removal of your hot tub cover. With a Cal Spas cover lift, one person to easily remove any cover – even with one hand! Best of all, the cover lift ensures that your hot tub cover is protected and eliminates the need for extra storage space as your cover conveniently folds out of sight.

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Cal Spas Replacement Parts

Cal Spas replacement parts are available for purchase at Quick Spa Parts! Quick Spa Parts is a revolutionary e-commerce replacement parts website that allows you to order the Cal Spas replacement parts you need, 24 hours a day. Quick Spa Parts is the only online source for Genuine Cal Spas replacement parts. This convenient e-commerce website features a quick and easy way for consumers to search Cal Spas covers and cabinets.

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Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series

The Genesis™ Rotomold Series by Cal Spas was designed for homeowners seeking a budget-friendly hot tub with top-of-the-line features. Each Genesis™ spa was uniquely formed using a rotational molding process where the shell is spun on two axels to form the desired mold. With up to 40 relaxing massage therapy jets, the Genesis™ Rotomold Series features the finest in luxury hydrotherapy. To further enhance your backyard, each spa can be upgraded with decorative panels, LED lighting, and breathtaking water features.

What is Rotational Molding?

During the unique rotational molding process, the spa shell is formed by heating and spinning powder-coated plastic on two axes to create a desired shape.  Both the spa shell and structure is molded at one time, into one piece. This innovative process increases the durability and flexibility of the spa, allowing you to enjoy your spa for years to come. This automated manufacturing process also allows the Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series to be offered at an affordable price range that meets your budget.

Benefits of the Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series:

  • Cost-Effective!
  • Lower Operating Costs!
  • Unique structure retains heat!
  • Highly-durable!

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Setting the Standards for Your Safety

At Cal Spas, your safety is our number one concern. Our entire spa lineup has been approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and other international organizations for your safety, protection and peace of mind.

In accordance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGB Act), Cal Spas hot tubs feature a True Blue Vacuum Safety Break. This life saving feature prevents entrapment by automatically reducing water flow in the event of an obstruction. This unique safety feature is standard on all of our hot tubs, making Cal Spas hot tubs the World’s Safest Hot Tubs.

Additional Cal Spas innovative safety features include:

  • Safe-T™ Vacuum Breaks which eliminate the risk of entrapment by immediately restricting water flow if a drain becomes obstructed
  • The exclusive Safe-T™ Bridge provides additional relief for drain obstruction. If one Safe-T Vacuum Break becomes obstructed, the innovative Safe-T™ Bridge re-routes the Vacuum to the other Safe-T™ Vacuum Check Valve to restrict water flow.

To provide further protection to you and your family, all Cal Spas spa covers feature safety straps with a lock-and-key device to protect young children from unsupervised entry.

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