The Complete Home Resort Experience

Experience a newfound sense of comfort with Cal Spas Home Resort Products. With Cal Spas, you can create the world’s most relaxing paradise right in the convenience of your own home. Cal Spas Home Resort products will take you away to a place of pure tranquility, beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s time to make every day a vacation. It’s time to embrace the Cal Spas Home Resort Experience.

As the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products™, Cal Spas provides complete backyard solutions for homeowners worldwide. The Cal Spas brand family of products includes Cal Spas hot tubs and swim spas, Cal Designs outdoor rooms, Cal Heat indoor and outdoor saunas, and Cal Flame high-end outdoor grills, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor fireplaces and firepits. Visit your Cal Spas today and transform your backyard into a relaxing Cal Spas Home Resort with stylish products that trigger the imagination, add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle.

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Cal Spas Supports Local Child Development Center

Cal Spas recently donated an 8-foot Family™ Series hot tub to the 21st Annual Dinner & Auction, “Growing Minds, Supporting Our Future”, for The Child Development Center at Fairplex. The feature rich spa was used for the evening’s live auction, which was the most successful to date for the Pomona, California-based child development center.

The Child Development Center hosts an annual event in effort to provide local children in need of high-quality child development skills with the proper training and preparation for school. The center held a live and silent auction at the event to raise money towards their annual budget.

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Engineered to Last

Durability is essential when it comes to investing in your home. That’s why we utilize the Fibersteel™ Construction process when building our hot tubs. This innovative technology guarantees our hot tubs are engineered to last, making any Cal Spas hot tub the perfect investment for you and your home.

During this unique construction process, only the finest acrylic sheets are vacuum-molded into shape, then reinforced with fiberglass. Stiffener reinforcement supports and 1 1/2-inch angled iron is added to ensure maximum strength. A final filler coat is applied to seal, bond and toughen the overall structure.

Using the industry’s highest resin-to-fiberglass mixture, our patented 7-layer laminate system has been reinforced with steel and wood to create the strongest spa shell in the world!

Our spa shells are built using the strongest support system in the industry – the Cal Spas Unified Structure. We use strong pressure-treated wood support beams, which are fiberglassed under the seating areas of the hot tub and tied into the cabinet’s under-structure. Integrated with our state-of-the-art cabinets, these wood support beams create a long-lasting unified structure without any giving, bowing or cradling.

All Cal Spas hot tubs are certified to meet and exceed all standards of compliance. We back up our world-class hot tubs with a comprehensive warranty on the shell structure.

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Cal Spas on KTLA Weekend Morning News!

Cal Spas will be featured on the KTLA Weekend Morning News this Saturday and Sunday! KTLA will be showing a “Made in USA” segment that takes an inside look at the Cal Spas production line and American made hot tubs. If you are in the Los Angeles-area, be sure to tune in to KTLA this weekend and see Cal Spas in action!

KTLA Weekend Morning News
Channel 5
October 27 & 28, 2012
Saturday 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m PST
Sunday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. PST

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Eco-Friendly Spa

Experience a world of pure relaxation with the Gen II™ 850 bench spa. This relaxing 8-foot hot tub features two high performance 5.0 BHP pumps and 50 invigorating hydrotherapy jets that deliver day spa quality massages to key stress-prone areas of your body. With contoured bench seating for up to six adults and breathtaking LED lighting options, the Gen II™ 850 bench spa turns your backyard into the ultimate entertainment destination. Best of all the Gen II™ 850 bench spa is insulated to keep the heat in and elements out, which lowers operation costs! Enjoy first-class hydrotherapy at a price that meets your budget with the Gen II™ 850 bench spa today!

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Full Body Massage

Cal Spas lounger spas offer a convenient way to get a full body massage without paying a visit to the local day spa. The lounger seat represents the very best in pure relaxation and features hydrotherapy jets that target the upper and lower body for complete full body massage. This relaxing spa seat is perfectly contoured to hug your body’s natural curves for an unmatched hydrotherapy session. Our unique ergonomic design ensures that bathers won’t float out of the seat. Ideal for private soaks, our lounger seat is a wonderful reward after a long, stressful day. Best of all, Cal Spas offers a wide range of lounger spas for every backyard and budget. Experience the world of first-class hydrotherapy with a Cal Spas lounger spa today!

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Stress-Relief Solution

Did you have a stressful week? Studies show that a high stress level on a regular basis can lead to a number of health problems down the road. Luckily, there are a number of ways to de-stress and prevent health problems in the future. One way to unwind after your long stressful week is to relax in a hot tub. Cal Spas hot tubs offer a soothing alternative to stress relief by delivering relaxing massages.  Our spa seats are ergonomically designed to cradle your body’s natural curves and feature stress-relieving hydrotherapy jets that target key stress prone areas of your body. You will find yourself in a state of pure relaxation beyond anything you have ever experienced before. So de-stress this weekend by relaxing in a hot tub. You and your body deserve to be stress-free.

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Efficient Filtration Solution

The Cal Spas 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution is a unique hot tub filtration system that silently and efficiently circulates water through the filter and heater at 50 gallons per minute while using only 0.7 amps of power.  With the 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution, you will instantly feel the difference in water clarity as you slip into your clean, silky smooth spa water. The 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution is the most efficient hot tub pump industry and designed exclusively for Cal Spas hot tubs.

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Enhance Your Social Connections

Looking for ways to connect with family and friends this weekend? Studies have shown that hot tubs are perfect for enhancing relationships. In fact, in 2011, 33% of consumers purchased a hot tub to enhance social connections. Everyday connections, whether with family or friends, are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With a Cal Spas hot tub, you can connect with family and friends while enjoying stress-relieving day spa quality massages. Your backyard will instantly turn into a relaxing entertainment destination for family and friends. Make plans to connect with family and friends this weekend in your backyard hot tub retreat. After all, there’s no better way to relax after a long week than a long, relaxing soak in a hot tub.

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