Pure Silk™ Ozonator

The Eco-friendly Pure Silk™ Ozonator by Cal Spas instantly kills bacteria through exposure to the Ozone while minimizing chemical usage. It features exclusive moisture-sensing technology that delivers virtually maintenance-free operation. The unit automatically shuts off when moisture is detected inside. Once the moisture has dissipated, the unit starts again automatically. The Pure Silk™ Ozonator is ballast-free with a completely sealed, solid-state operating system. Below you will find additional benefits of Ozone use:

  • Reduced chemical use = Increased savings!
  • No wear-and-tear on spa equipment
  • No irritation to skin and eyes
  • Faster water purification
  • Increased spa lifetime

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L.A. County Fair Spa Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Abby Marie Gonzalez of Los Angeles, California. Abby is the winner of the L.A. County Fair Spa Giveaway! She is now the proud owner of a Cal Spas Family™ Series hot tub! Congratulations again Abby! We hope you enjoy your spa!

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Improve Your Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 132 million Americans suffer from mild to chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation can result in depression, mood swings, memory lapses, severe tension, and a low attention level during waking hours. Studies have shown that soaking in a warm hot tub before bedtime may assist in getting a more restful night of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends soaking in hot water before sleeping due to the associated calming effects. When exiting the spa, the body’s internal thermostat drops and signals the mind that it is time to sleep. Both effects result in a truly refreshed morning without the grogginess that sleep aids can leave behind.

Improve your sleep and overall quality of life by soaking in a hot tub tonight and enjoy that night of deep sleep you deserve.

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Lap Pool Alternative

If you are seeking a standard in-ground swimming pool but lack the backyard space, then an Ultimate Fitness™ swim spa by Cal Spas is an excellent alternative. You’ll be pleased to find that when compared to a traditional swimming or lap pool, the main benefits of a swim spa is its size and portability. There’s no need to dig a hole in your backyard as a swim spa can be placed on virtually any concrete slab. With an Ultimate Fitness™ swim spa, you can choose the size, color and features that best fit you and your backyard. With a spacious swim zone and swim jets for treadmill swimming, an Ultimate Fitness™ offers the same benefits as a standard lap pool. Like traditional hot tubs, swim spas also offer relaxing hydrotherapy jets that deliver day spa quality massages. An Ultimate Fitness™ swim spa features attachment points for exercise equipment, transforming your backyard into a complete aquatic gym. Bring an Ultimate Fitness™ swim spa home today and start enjoying the benefits of a lap pool, hot tub and complete aquatic gym today!

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Escape 750 Hot Tub

Turn your backyard into a relaxing hot tub retreat this fall with the Cal Spas Escape 750 spa! This eye-catching spa is available in lounger or bench configurations and packed with cutting-edge features. With contoured seating for up to six adults, the Escape 750 spa is perfect for entertaining family and friends in your backyard Home Resort. LED perimeter lighting and a state-of-the-art iPod stereo system are available as upgraded features – perfect for all of your backyard hot tub parties! Best of all, you can choose the spa shell and synthetic wood cabinets that best fit your backyard landscape and unique style. Bring an Escape 750 spa home today and experience first-class hydrotherapy that soothes your mind, body and soul.

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Villa Series by Cal Designs

Add an elegant touch to your backyard Home Resort with the Villa Series by Cal Designs. The Villa Series is perfect for providing shade for outdoor patio furniture and fireplaces during backyard gatherings. With the Villa Series, you can choose the villa that best fits your lifestyle and complements your backyard landscape.

The Villa Series is available in:

  • Five column designs – Redwood, Round White, Roman Natural, KD Gold Stone (half post column), and Natural Stone (half post column).
  • Four roof styles – Redwood Square Cabana, Square Cabana, Curved Cabana, and Square Polycarbonate.
    • Available in 10’ x 10’ and 12’ x 12’
    • 10’ x 14’ villa is available with a square polycarbonate roof

With the Villa Series by Cal Designs, you can entertain family and friends in style in your elegant outdoor room.

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Genesis Rotomold Surround Series

Take your backyard hot tub parties to the next level with a Genesis Rotomold Surround by Cal Spas. This breathtaking spa surround series is perfect for entertaining guests and features four unique designs that fit perfectly around Genesis rotomold spas. The surround series features cutting-edge bar and seating options, perfect for any backyard gathering! The Genesis Rotomold Surround allows you to enjoy drinks and appetizers while relaxing in your hot tub. This spa surround instantly adds an elegant touch to your Genesis rotomold spa, transforming it into the ultimate backyard retreat. Turn your Genesis rotomold spa into a relaxing entertainment destination with a Genesis Rotomold Surround today!

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Weekend Escape

The weekend is almost here which means time to unwind after those long hours at the office or week of school activities. Why not take some much needed time for yourself this weekend and find your own relaxing escape? With a Cal Spas hot tub, this escape can become a reality and be found in your very own backyard. Only Cal Spas hot tubs deliver invigorating massages that instantly melt away any stress the week may have caused. You will find yourself in a state of deep relaxation beyond anything you have ever imagined or dreamed of. With sensual waterfalls and breathtaking LED lighting, a Cal Spas hot tub will also turn your backyard into a relaxing tropical paradise. Why not make this weekend a relaxing “staycation” for you and your loved ones? Go ahead; your own relaxing spa paradise is waiting…

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New Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spa Series

The new Ultimate Fitness™ Series features five new swim spa molds for every fitness level, from beginner to health enthusiast to the professional athlete. With the SwimJet Propulsion System™ for treadmill swimming, powerful XP3 Swim Jet Pumps and attachment points for available exercise equipment, an Ultimate Fitness™ swim spa is guaranteed to turn your backyard into a complete at-home aquatic gym. The Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas are designed to provide the best aquatic workout, while delivering unsurpassed results and health benefits. Like traditional hot tubs, the Ultimate Fitness™ Series offers impressive jet counts for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Improve your health and enhance your lifestyle with an Ultimate Fitness™ swim spa today!

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Hercules™ Cabinets

Constructed of high-grade polyurethane material, the Hercules™ Cabinets by Cal Spas are highly durable, insulated hot tub cabinet panels that feature the richness of wood and are constructed to support even the largest spa designs. These dual-panel spa cabinets are sound deafening and constructed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of the Hercules™ Cabinets:

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Each cabinet panel is easily removable from all 4 sides
  • Highly durable polyurethane framing system
  • Fully insulated bottom shield tray
  • Available in Mist, Mahogany and Smoke
  • Stone accent design available as an upgraded feature

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