Soothing Pain Relief

Do you suffer from arthritis or constant muscle pain? Did you know that a hot tub offers a soothing alternative to muscle pain or arthritis relief? Cal Spas hot tubs are designed to deliver targeted hydrotherapy to muscle groups to effectively relieve pain. If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, then you will be pleased to find that water buoyancy in a Cal Spas hot tub greatly relieves joints and muscles of constant pressure. According to the Arthritis Foundation, doctors recommend soaking in warm water before starting your day to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Additionally, warm water temporarily relieves stiffness and joint aches, increasing flexibility. Experience the soothing benefits firsthand by slipping into a Cal Spas hot tub today. Your body will thank you.

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At-Home Sauna Retreat

Transform the corner of any room into an at-home sauna retreat with the IR400AC infrared sauna by Cal Heat. Seat up to four people and enjoy the dry heat from the infrared heater panels that are recessed in the sauna paneling. The IR400AC sauna features double walled insulation and is solidly constructed of wood. Hemlock wood is utilized in the wall paneling and is a species of wood that is known for its fresh scent, smooth texture and weather resistant durability. The IR400AC produces dry heat rather than steam and does not require water or rocks.

The IR400AC also includes a built-in CD player and two speakers to play your favorite music. And for nighttime use, the IR400AC can be illuminated with the flip of a switch by interior and exterior LED lights. An oxygen ionizer is also included to refresh the air in your sauna.

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Premium In-Ground Spas

If you are looking for a custom built-in spa for your backyard Home Resort, then the In-Ground™ spa collection has the perfect spa for you! These premium in-ground spas are practical alternatives to traditional concrete hot tubs and can be customized to fit your backyard landscape. Getting that custom built-in look for your backyard has never been so easy! Available with or without massage therapy jets, In-Ground™ Spas are the ultimate answer to relaxing in-ground hydrotherapy.

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World-Class Hydrotherapy

The Fountain of Youth™ spa by Cal Spas offers four hydrotherapy options for the ultimate spa experience.

Warm Water Hydrotherapy
Soaking in warm water stimulates the contact and temperature receptors located on the surface of your skin, which promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Fountain of Youth Hydrotherapy
The Fountain of Youth saturates the spa water with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, increasing the levels in the spa by up to 70%. This anti-aging technology moisturizes and cleanses your body with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, leaving your skin feeling clean and silky smooth.

Air Jet Hydrotherapy
Air jet hydrotherapy engages the light-touch receptors just below the surface of your skin and promotes circulation and relaxation.

Spa Jet Hydrotherapy
Spa jet hydrotherapy results in a true physiological change to your body by engaging the pressure receptors located deep in muscle tissue of your body. This relieves tight and stressed muscles, promoting tissue rejuvenation.

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Romance is in the Air this Winter…

Create your own romantic winter spa retreat with the Z628T hot tub by Cal Spas! The Z628T is an intimate 2-person triangle spa designed to provide a first-class hydrotherapy experience in the comfort of your own backyard. The Z628T spa is ideal for couples and empty nesters looking to add romance to their lives this winter. With 28 relaxing hydrotherapy jets that deliver invigorating massages, the Z628T spa is the perfect way to relax and seek warmth with that special someone during those cold winter evenings. Best of all, both spa seats are equipped with comfortable headrests for ultimate relaxation. Create your own relaxing spa getaway with the Z628T spa today!

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Ultimate Spa Experience

Enhance your backyard and lifestyle with an Xtream™ Spa by Cal Spas. Xtream™ Spas provide a great place for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This mid-size hot tub lineup features relaxing massage therapy jets, high performance pumps and weather-resistant Hercules™ Cabinet panels for the ultimate spa experience. Xtream™ Spas will take you and your family away to a world of pure relaxation and unmatched hydrotherapy. Create timeless family memories with an Xtream™ Spa today!

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Backyard Spa Resort

Turn your backyard into the ultimate vacation getaway with a Resort™ Spa by Cal Spas. With stress-relieving massage therapy jets and high performance pumps, Resort™ Spas combine the finest in hydrotherapy with the latest in hot tub engineering. With contoured seating for up to six adults and cutting-edge features, a Resort™ Spa will turn your backyard into a relaxing entertainment destination for the whole family. Transform your backyard into a relaxing spa resort with a Resort™ Spa today!

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Private Spa Sanctuary

Add a little romance to your life with a Zone™ Spa by Cal Spas. These breathtaking hot tubs are ideal for empty nesters looking to rekindle their romance or couples seeking a romantic backyard retreat. If you are seeking a spa for solo nighttime soaks, you will appreciate the lounger seats offered in the Zone™ hot tub lineup, which offer day spa quality massages from head to toe. Zone™ Spas also offer space-saving solutions for homeowners with limited patio space. Turn your backyard into a relaxing spa sanctuary with a Zone™ Spa today!

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Connect™ Spas by Cal Spas

Connect™ Spas offer the latest in hot tub technology at a price you can afford. This feature rich hot tub lineup consists of four fully loaded bench and lounger spas with a high performance two-pump system that is guaranteed to provide the ultimate spa experience for you and your guests. With contoured seating and targeted hydrotherapy for up to six adults, Connect ™ Spas offer the finest in luxury hydrotherapy at a price that meets your budget. Bring home a Connect™ Spa today and turn every day into a relaxing spa getaway!

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Eco-Conscious Spa Line

Aqua™ Spas are the most efficient and cost-effective full-size acrylic spas in the industry. This Eco-conscious spa lineup features ten elegant models that have been designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Each hot tub features a high performance pump that lowers energy costs by efficiently circulating and filtering 100 percent of your spa water. Best of all, Aqua™ Spas are engineered to reduce installation and maintenance costs – saving you money!

Benefits of Aqua™ Spas:

  • World’s Most Efficient Heater: The larger 5.5 kW flow-through heater requires less run time to maintain desired temperature, resulting in lower operating costs and increased enjoyment!
  • High Performance, Low Energy Costs: The high performance pump lowers energy costs by efficiently circulating and filtering 100 percent of the spa water!
  • Insulated to Lower Operation Costs: All Aqua™ Spas are insulated to keep the heat in and elements out – resulting in lower operation costs!
  • Certified Green: All Aqua™ Spas are EIS and CEC certified!

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