New Kona, New Mold, New Model

Using cutting-edge components and thoughtful decisions we have re-designed the Kona to be the best 4-person hot tub on the market today.

Our latest and greatest innovation has been released. Introducing the Kona!

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Kona PZ-524L

Including a full-size lounger, and two full-size bench seats that form to fit all body shapes and sizes. With the Kona, we have created a larger footwell for more space for comfort. As a result,

Kona PPZ-534L

you will find new foot jets. When your spa session becomes too hot, reboot yourself in our Kool-Off seat. Cal Spas Kool-Off seat is elevated so you can take a breather but still be in the tub.

Using exclusive Candy Cane Jets you will find new enhanced jet mix and placement that gives you a directional deep tissue massage. Rest your arms on one of our captain seats, and on the Patio Plus Kona, feel the hand jets rejuvenate your arms.

Turn up your night by adding optional features to your Kona! Now available is our FreedomTM Sound System Bluetooth, powered subwoofer, and four speakers. Additionally, add a C-LightTM to the front cabinets to illuminate your backyard. A good option you may want to consider is the 24-hour filtration system, this circulation pump constantly and quietly heats the water, continuously filters heated water, and saves energy by minimizing pump operation.

Giving you the same footprint as the last Kona with a larger interior!
Easily get the Kona in and out of your home considering the profile is shorter leaving it at a whopping 32”. With a new shorter profile, you can enter and exit the spa with ease.

Introducing the Fitness-Pro 1537

Our latest innovation is your solution for a healthier lifestyle. Introducing the Fitness-Pro-1537 including a sterling silver acrylic shell with 33 Exclusive Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets and 4 Swim Jets.

Your limit is your endurance with the Pro-TrainerTM, customize your work out by setting the resistance from 1% to 100% and anywhere in-between. Program your session up to ten different swim resistance and duration settings.


In addition to swimming, you have three seat options behind you. Two captain seats, and one seat that will sit straight up. These jets will give you a deep tissue massage. You can also find calf and foot jets so you will be rejuvenated from head to toe after your work out.


This model also comes with a 9” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar, Fitness Anchors, and Tether Anchors for additional exercise options. You can use these tools to do rowing exercises, bicep building and more.

Our Swim Pro Fitness Spas now include a total of eight models, all to suit your fitness lifestyle needs. Large enough to entertain with all the tools to stay fit.