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A Cal Spas hot tub is your moment to laugh and play and create new memories with friends and family in the comfort of your personal spa. Escape to a hot tub oasis of warmth, peace and bliss. Delight the senses with luxury spa amenities, like LED lights, hot tub covers, hot tub stereo options and unique spa accessories. Let Cal Spas nurture your mind and body and make every weekend a spa vacation. Bring home the “home resort” experience by Cal Spas today!

Cal Spas distinguishes itself from other hot tub manufacturers by offering the best spa and hot tub features in the Home Resort industry. Discover how a Cal Spas hot tub in your home can benefit you mentally and physically. Enjoy crystal clear hot tub water with unmatched water clarity solutions, like Bio-Clean filters, Ozonators and Bromine generators. Best of all, the unique construction process of every Cal Spas hot tub ensures lasting enjoyment for years to come.