At-Home Sauna Retreat

Transform the corner of any room into an at-home sauna retreat with the IR400AC infrared sauna by Cal Heat. Seat up to four people and enjoy the dry heat from the infrared heater panels that are recessed in the sauna paneling. The IR400AC sauna features double walled insulation and is solidly constructed of wood. Hemlock wood is utilized in the wall paneling and is a species of wood that is known for its fresh scent, smooth texture and weather resistant durability. The IR400AC produces dry heat rather than steam and does not require water or rocks.

The IR400AC also includes a built-in CD player and two speakers to play your favorite music. And for nighttime use, the IR400AC can be illuminated with the flip of a switch by interior and exterior LED lights. An oxygen ionizer is also included to refresh the air in your sauna.

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