Prepare Your Hot Tub for the Season



Prepare for spring. Now that spring is officially here, that means that spa season is officially here as well. Before you hop into your hot tub to unwind and relax, it is wise to go through a “pre-soak” checklist to make sure that your spa is in top working order all throughout the season.


To make this process as easy as possible, Cal Spas would like to provide you with a complete checklist to go over so that your spa will be in top working order all throughout the spring/summer. By doing a little “spring cleaning” now you will ensure trouble free operation during the upcoming warmer months.


  • Refill the hot tub with clean water – make sure that you completely drain all of the water out of your spa. This may have been done over the winter, but it is important that the spa is cleaned prior to adding new water.
  • Remove and clean the cover – Experts recommend cleaning your spa cover every 1-3 months using mild, alcohol-free cleaners and an oil-free vinyl protector.
  • Check your filters – Guidelines state that you should replace your filters every 2 to 3 years. In between changes can prolong the life of your filters by using filter cleaner. Changing your filter regularly will help ensure clean water.
  • Inspect the hot tub inside and out – Be sure to check for any signs of wear or cracking. Also check that all valves, plugs and connections are secure. If you have winterized your spa, you will need to reconnect the plumbing to the pump and heater.
  • Clean the inside of the hot tub – Prior to filling up your spa again make sure you clean the spa thoroughly using products approved by your local dealer or Cal Spas. It is also good to use spa wax/polish prior to filling with water, however, make sure that any left over cleaner or residue are completely rinsed out beforehand.
  • Add chemicals/check water balance – Be sure to balance the Ph and add sanitizer. If necessary, add stain and scale removing treatments.