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Cal Spas® Introduces the New Connect™ 751 Spas


New sleek design provides the utmost style and comfort!

2015 is going to be another extraordinary year for Cal Spas® with the introduction of the new Connect™ 751 Lounger and the Connect™ 751 Bench Spas.

Connect™ Spas are full-sized luxury hot tubs crafted with entertainment in mind. Your party will definitely enjoy chilled cocktails and great conversation in the heated comfort of a Connect™ Spa.

01. C-751L-S Top View

Connect 751 Lounge Spa

The all new Connect™ Spas give you the ability to choose between 37 or 50 jets. It features larger foot domes with foot therapy jets, speakers that project sound inward providing better acoustics, and oversized pillows for better neck support. Even the placement of the cup holders makes it easier to enjoy a dip in the spa.

The new Connect™ Series Spas allows you to customize your hot tub experience by giving you the power to choose a spa that is specifically suited to your needs.

Connect™ Spas feature Mega-Weir™ Teleweir, a 75 sq. ft. filtration system that helps prevent unwanted debris from re-entering the spa.

Hydrotherapy at its best! The Contour-Lux™ Seat Design provides better lumbar support and is ergonomically shaped to the natural curvature of the spine, which is perfect for those who are looking for relief from back strains and pains.

The best part is that you can share the seven-foot Connect™ experience with up to six people! Cal Spas® is excited to share the new Connect™ experience with you.

02. C-751L-S Viewpoint

Connect 751 Bench Spa

To learn more about the new Connect™ 751 Lounger or Bench Spa and the full Cal Spas® product line, visit www.calspas.com

See the Connect™ 751 Lounge in action: http://youtu.be/tvFXrX_pCAU

Cal Spas Hot Tubs are Reconnecting Families



In this age of technology we have lost the art of conversation. Texting, FaceBook and Smartphones have become the family hub. We don’t communicate directly with each other anymore our contact is done via texting or direct messaging even among family members that live in the house together.

Reviving the art of conversation can be done by spending quality time together and designating a time to meet and relax in your Cal Spas hot tub. It can become a gathering place to create new family memories and have meaningful family discussions.

Couple A few ways to maximize your time together as a family:

• Reflect on your day and share the highs and lows with your family
• Create a safe zone to share your feelings and have honest conversations
• Resolve any conflicts that may have occurred amongst the family through calm discussion
• Laugh and talk about things that brought the family together in the past and plan future vacations, family gatherings or outings

Enjoy your Cal Spas hot tub and reconnect with family while creating wonderful new memories.

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Cal Spas offers a new line of Energy Efficient Luxury Spas!

The new Dually™ Spas are an impressive line of energy efficient luxury spas, designed to relax your mind and body while using less energy than the average hot tub. The difference is the revolutionary Dually™ Pump which is hands down the most cutting edge system available. It uses 50% less energy and circulates 100% of spa water throughout the entire spa for the duration of each filtration cycle. You will enjoy a soothing hydrotherapy massage from head to toe with strategically placed jets to target various muscle groups in your body affected by stress and hard work. Let Cal Spas new Dually™ Spas take you to a place of calm and tranquility. – See more at:http://calspas.com/series/?id=54

“Cal Spas™ is the Best” According to Customers

Cal Spas™ continues a tradition of customer satisfaction:

Cal Spas is by far the best hot tub. A few of my friends have other brands and I don’t have any of the issues they have. They have problems with water, broken pumps and heaters, things I don’t have to deal with. I have a Connect 750B and love it. It hasn’t ever missed a beet or had any problems. I would strongly recommend only buying this brand if you want years of reliability and comfort. Hope this helps…D Sandler, Portland, OR


Get the 411 on Cal Spas PureCure™Water Purifying System

Cal Spas PureCure Water Purifying System

Pure Cure System Water Sanitizer

The PureCure™ Purifying System

Introducing the PureCure™ Purifying System

is an innovative water clarity system that successfully purifies water by using the power of ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria, algae and viruses often associated with traditional ozone and water clarity systems.


The PureCure™ Purifying System results in smooth,
silky spa water that will leave you and your skin
feeling, younger, cleaner and fresher.


The Benefits of thePureCure™ Purifying System Include:


  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Effective, Reliable and Effortless!
  • Results in smooth, silky spa water that leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh!
  • Natural ultraviolet light
  • No odors
  • Easy maintenance – only an annual bulb replacement is needed!
  • Reduces scum lines
  • Purifies without off-gassing or releasing chemicals into the air.
  • Clean, Refreshing Soak Every time…

– See more at: http://calspas.com/aqua/aqua-a511r/purification/#sthash.MLt088Jh.dpuf

Sound of Spring Sales Event

Free-Stereo-Velocity-Banner-RPurchase any Velocity Spa from a participating Velocity Spas dealer during the promotional period of May 18 – May 26, 2014 and receive a free stereo upgrade provided by the Velocity Spas dealer at no additional charge. Free stereo upgrade is an X-iSound Stereo System with sleek waterproof locking cover and sub-woofer. Some restrictions may apply please see store for details.

Terms and Conditions

Velocity Spas reserves the right to modify or withdraw the promotion at any time. Offer only valid at participating retail locations. The “Sound of Spring Sales Event” promotion runs from May 18-26, 2014 (promotional period) Spa must be purchased during the promotional period, which ends at the close of business on May 26th. Offer may not be combined with any other promotion.

How to Throw the Perfect Home Spa Pamper Party

 images (17)Are you and your gal pals looking for a great way to bond over a night of popcorn, movies, and drama?

Take those covers off your tubs, ladies!

Hot tubbing is a great way to bond with your favorite female friends.  It’s time to throw a hot tub party for a girls night in!

Here’s why:

Having a hot tub party creates an intimate environment that both relaxes and refreshes. Think spa night at home. Think juicy gossip.

Hot tubs also provide you and your friends the chance to compare swimsuits, flaunt your dieting progress, and also relax your muscles before sleep.

If you have a that can be seen from the hot tub, it’s worth putting on a couple of your favorite chick flicks on your girl’s night in. How about The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsThe Ya-Ya Sisterhood or Steel Magnolias?  Don’t want to watch a film? How about playing cards. Hint: Waterproof playing cards are perfect for hot tub parties.


How to be the perfect hostess: The 5 senses are key for your girls’ night in the hot tub party

1. Sense of Touch. Be sure your Cal Spas hot tub is the perfect temperature 102-104 is right for most people. Too hot and a 20 minute dip will zap your energy and your guests’. Too cold and a soak won’t feel relaxing.  Leave the cover on until your guests arrive so the water will be that perfect temperature.

2. Sense of Smell.  Be sure your hot tub water is clean and odorless to start with. The only scent your guests should encounter is an aromatherapy blend  Select one that goes with the theme of your party.

3. Sense of Sight. Your hot tub lighting is designed to “set a mood”.  Have the lights on when your guests arrive so that when you lift the cover your hot tub will look super inviting.

4. Sense of  Sound. The sound of moving water is always soothing when coming from a hot tub fountain. Add music from your ipod for the evening.

5. Sense of Taste. Let your creativity run wild. Try chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. Finger foods are a must for hot tub snacking. Save any fork or spoon foods and alcohol for after soaking. Serve chilled San Pellegrino with a twist in the tub. And, use plastic glasses & plates, please, to avoid broken glass.


Cal Spas Hot Tub becomes a Backyard Volcano!

Monster House turns a Cal Spas hot tub into a hot spot! See how Monster House creates a boiling volcano out of a Cal Spas hot tub



Swim Spas Fitness Hydrotherapy Workout

Cal Spas distinguishes itself from its competitors with its thoughtful design of the swim spa features. To Cal Spas, it is not about more jets, seats or waterfalls, but about the best combination to provide the best experience. Cal Spas offers led lighting, easy-to-use covers, built-in stereos and other unique spa accessories.

A Cal Spa Swim Spa is a place to stay fit, laugh with friend and family and to create memories. Escape to a healthy, relaxing oasis of warm water.


Treadmill Swimming