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Cal Spas® Offers Vibrant New Spa Colors

When choosing a hot tub, consumers are inundated with a variety of brands, sizes and designs.  One of the key elements in the decision making process is the interior shell of a spa.  It draws a consumer to the spa and is an essential part of the spas blend and enhancement of the buyer’s home décor and landscape.   Cal Spas® has added four vibrant new colors that offer both charm and durability to their standard color offerings.  This gives consumers more options to choose from and added creativity.

One of the leading spa manufacturers in the nation, Cal Spas® offers a complete line-up of Acrylic, Rotomold and In-ground hot tubs to fit any outdoor living space.  As pioneers in the spa industry they pride themselves on producing products that are eye-catching and resilient, while working to ensure their spas not only meet but exceed the expectations of dealers and consumers. 

Cal Spas® New Spa Colors:


The new colors are complimented by 100% Microban which is integrated into each Cal Spas® Acrylic hot tub.  It stops the growth of bacteria and odors while protecting the spa surface against dulling with years of use; keeping the spa surface clear and bright for many years to come. 

The new colors are a wonderful addition to Cal Spas® already stylish color offerings and a strong selling point for our dealer network.  They will pair especially well with the Mahogany, Smoke and Black cabinets lending a sophisticated new look to an already alluring product line.

Visit www.calspas.com for additional information about Cal Spas®, or to locate a dealer near you.


Cal Spas iSound™ Stereo System Makes Spa Time Magical

iSound™ Stereo System

Take your spa experience beyond hydrotherapy while groove to the soothing sounds of your favorite band.


• X-iPod dock transmits RF audio to a high-output, high-range
speaker system with two (2) 4” or four (4) 6” speakers and remote
• 72 watt weatherproof speakers
• Larger IC Tuner with improved reception
• State-of-the-art remote control with:
3 Balance and fader
3 Blue backlight display – displays FM station and iPod song titles
3 Preset FM radio stations
• External Controls
• USB port
• Bluetooth capability
• High Power Subwoofer for ultimate sound system (optional)


Control the optional Integrated Bluetooth Sound System with your personal smart devices. Manage the music and volume from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet and wireless headsets.

View the iSound video on Youtube –  http://youtu.be/Lat-d3Oz0uo

How to Throw the Perfect Home Spa Pamper Party

 images (17)Are you and your gal pals looking for a great way to bond over a night of popcorn, movies, and drama?

Take those covers off your tubs, ladies!

Hot tubbing is a great way to bond with your favorite female friends.  It’s time to throw a hot tub party for a girls night in!

Here’s why:

Having a hot tub party creates an intimate environment that both relaxes and refreshes. Think spa night at home. Think juicy gossip.

Hot tubs also provide you and your friends the chance to compare swimsuits, flaunt your dieting progress, and also relax your muscles before sleep.

If you have a that can be seen from the hot tub, it’s worth putting on a couple of your favorite chick flicks on your girl’s night in. How about The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsThe Ya-Ya Sisterhood or Steel Magnolias?  Don’t want to watch a film? How about playing cards. Hint: Waterproof playing cards are perfect for hot tub parties.


How to be the perfect hostess: The 5 senses are key for your girls’ night in the hot tub party

1. Sense of Touch. Be sure your Cal Spas hot tub is the perfect temperature 102-104 is right for most people. Too hot and a 20 minute dip will zap your energy and your guests’. Too cold and a soak won’t feel relaxing.  Leave the cover on until your guests arrive so the water will be that perfect temperature.

2. Sense of Smell.  Be sure your hot tub water is clean and odorless to start with. The only scent your guests should encounter is an aromatherapy blend  Select one that goes with the theme of your party.

3. Sense of Sight. Your hot tub lighting is designed to “set a mood”.  Have the lights on when your guests arrive so that when you lift the cover your hot tub will look super inviting.

4. Sense of  Sound. The sound of moving water is always soothing when coming from a hot tub fountain. Add music from your ipod for the evening.

5. Sense of Taste. Let your creativity run wild. Try chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. Finger foods are a must for hot tub snacking. Save any fork or spoon foods and alcohol for after soaking. Serve chilled San Pellegrino with a twist in the tub. And, use plastic glasses & plates, please, to avoid broken glass.


Escape 750 Hot Tub

Turn your backyard into a relaxing hot tub retreat this fall with the Cal Spas Escape 750 spa! This eye-catching spa is available in lounger or bench configurations and packed with cutting-edge features. With contoured seating for up to six adults, the Escape 750 spa is perfect for entertaining family and friends in your backyard Home Resort. LED perimeter lighting and a state-of-the-art iPod stereo system are available as upgraded features – perfect for all of your backyard hot tub parties! Best of all, you can choose the spa shell and synthetic wood cabinets that best fit your backyard landscape and unique style. Bring an Escape 750 spa home today and experience first-class hydrotherapy that soothes your mind, body and soul.

For additional information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

Ultimate Entertainment Destination

The Escape ES938L by Cal Spas is an 11-foot lounger spa with 38 relaxing hydrotherapy jets and cutting-edge features. With ample seating for up to eight adults, the ES938L spa is the perfect fit for family fun and entertaining guests. The ES938L comes standard with an LED spa light, cascading waterfall, pillow headrests, and Eco-friendly filtration system. With the ES938L spa, you’ll enjoy a relaxing first-class spa treatment in a spa that is sure to be the stunning centerpiece of your backyard. If you are also seeking a hot tub for solo hydrotherapy sessions, then you will love the full-length lounger seat with massage therapy jets dedicated to your entire body. Best of all, the ES938L spa is large enough to invite your friends and family over to join in on all the fun!

For more information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

Cal Spas Escape™ Series

The Escape™ Series by Cal Spas offers the perfect blend of value and relaxation amenities. These breathtaking hot tubs provide an escape from the stresses of everyday, right in the comfort of your own home. Lean back and feel the invigorating hydrotherapy jets melt away your tired and sore muscles. The Escape™ hot tubs feature comfortable headrests with an elegant, unique design that perfectly cradles your neck. As an added bonus, you can soak with peace of mind, knowing your spa water is clean and pure with our sanitizing Pure Silk™ Ozonator. This is your chance to get away from your busy everyday life. Make your Escape™ with Cal Spas today!

For additional information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

The Escape 850L Just Got BETTER!

We have made our best-selling spa model EVEN BETTER!

Improved Jet Placement
Jets have been strategically placed for both targeted hydrotherapy and viewpoint.

More Comfortable Seating
Shoulder and hip areas of each therapy seat have been widened and adjusted for more comfort.

Lounger Enhancements
The new lounger features wider shoulder, arm and hip areas for increased comfort. While the larger step, leg and footwell area provide increased stability for entry. By popular request, our new lounger also features two foot jets.

Larger Footwell
Adding to the overall roomy feeling of this new hot tub mold, we have expanded the footwell by 3.5” in width and 2.5” in length, making this spa look and feel much larger than the previous Escape ES850L hot tub .

We have also added striking finishing touches, including smoother styling lines and a molded shell design, to complete this makeover.

For additional information on Cal Spas, please visit: www.calspas.com