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Full Body Massage

Cal Spas lounger spas offer a convenient way to get a full body massage without paying a visit to the local day spa. The lounger seat represents the very best in pure relaxation and features hydrotherapy jets that target the upper and lower body for complete full body massage. This relaxing spa seat is perfectly contoured to hug your body’s natural curves for an unmatched hydrotherapy session. Our unique ergonomic design ensures that bathers won’t float out of the seat. Ideal for private soaks, our lounger seat is a wonderful reward after a long, stressful day. Best of all, Cal Spas offers a wide range of lounger spas for every backyard and budget. Experience the world of first-class hydrotherapy with a Cal Spas lounger spa today!

For more information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com