From Commercial Property Landlord to Cal Spas Dealer

Cal Spas dealer Mike Miller of Spa Store Plymouth is featured in the current issue of Spa Retailer. Mike tells the publication how he went from commercial property landlord to Cal Spas dealer.  Read more about his success story…..


Cal Spas iSound™ Stereo System Makes Spa Time Magical

iSound™ Stereo System

Take your spa experience beyond hydrotherapy while groove to the soothing sounds of your favorite band.


• X-iPod dock transmits RF audio to a high-output, high-range
speaker system with two (2) 4” or four (4) 6” speakers and remote
• 72 watt weatherproof speakers
• Larger IC Tuner with improved reception
• State-of-the-art remote control with:
3 Balance and fader
3 Blue backlight display – displays FM station and iPod song titles
3 Preset FM radio stations
• External Controls
• USB port
• Bluetooth capability
• High Power Subwoofer for ultimate sound system (optional)


Control the optional Integrated Bluetooth Sound System with your personal smart devices. Manage the music and volume from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet and wireless headsets.

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GEN-II from Cal Spas Adds Elegance to a Classic Design


Take outdoor living to a whole new level of comfort in the privacy of your own home.

Pair a gorgeous sterling silver acrylic shell with beautifully colored smoked cabinet panels and you have a spa that friends and family will envy for years. The GEN-II Collection from Cal Spas combines classic design, cutting-edge technology, and value while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience without sacrificing style. Designed to exceed expectations, Cal Spas™ uses a patented 7-layer laminate system, known as Fibersteel™ Construction, and sets the bar with strict standards in efficiency, insulation and filtration resulting in better spa performance, better water circulation, cleaner water, and lower energy bills. Visit your local authorized Cal Spas dealer today and experience the beauty and power of the GEN-II collection by Cal Spas. The price of this spa will truly amaze you.

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How to Throw the Perfect Home Spa Pamper Party

 images (17)Are you and your gal pals looking for a great way to bond over a night of popcorn, movies, and drama?

Take those covers off your tubs, ladies!

Hot tubbing is a great way to bond with your favorite female friends.  It’s time to throw a hot tub party for a girls night in!

Here’s why:

Having a hot tub party creates an intimate environment that both relaxes and refreshes. Think spa night at home. Think juicy gossip.

Hot tubs also provide you and your friends the chance to compare swimsuits, flaunt your dieting progress, and also relax your muscles before sleep.

If you have a that can be seen from the hot tub, it’s worth putting on a couple of your favorite chick flicks on your girl’s night in. How about The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsThe Ya-Ya Sisterhood or Steel Magnolias?  Don’t want to watch a film? How about playing cards. Hint: Waterproof playing cards are perfect for hot tub parties.


How to be the perfect hostess: The 5 senses are key for your girls’ night in the hot tub party

1. Sense of Touch. Be sure your Cal Spas hot tub is the perfect temperature 102-104 is right for most people. Too hot and a 20 minute dip will zap your energy and your guests’. Too cold and a soak won’t feel relaxing.  Leave the cover on until your guests arrive so the water will be that perfect temperature.

2. Sense of Smell.  Be sure your hot tub water is clean and odorless to start with. The only scent your guests should encounter is an aromatherapy blend  Select one that goes with the theme of your party.

3. Sense of Sight. Your hot tub lighting is designed to “set a mood”.  Have the lights on when your guests arrive so that when you lift the cover your hot tub will look super inviting.

4. Sense of  Sound. The sound of moving water is always soothing when coming from a hot tub fountain. Add music from your ipod for the evening.

5. Sense of Taste. Let your creativity run wild. Try chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. Finger foods are a must for hot tub snacking. Save any fork or spoon foods and alcohol for after soaking. Serve chilled San Pellegrino with a twist in the tub. And, use plastic glasses & plates, please, to avoid broken glass.


Lounge in Style

Transform your backyard into a relaxing family retreat with the Genesis™ GR730L lounger spa by Cal Spas. This 7-foot lounger spa features contoured seating and massage therapy jets for the whole family. If you are looking for a low maintenance hot tub, then you will love the convenient “Plug & Play” Kit with 110V Cord. Just simply plug in your spa and enjoy family fun! Best of all, the GR730L spa features a full-length lounger seat with hydrotherapy jets dedicated to your entire body – perfect for solo spa sessions! Create timeless family memories with the GR730L lounger spa today!

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Genesis Rotomold Surround Series

Take your backyard hot tub parties to the next level with a Genesis Rotomold Surround by Cal Spas. This breathtaking spa surround series is perfect for entertaining guests and features four unique designs that fit perfectly around Genesis rotomold spas. The surround series features cutting-edge bar and seating options, perfect for any backyard gathering! The Genesis Rotomold Surround allows you to enjoy drinks and appetizers while relaxing in your hot tub. This spa surround instantly adds an elegant touch to your Genesis rotomold spa, transforming it into the ultimate backyard retreat. Turn your Genesis rotomold spa into a relaxing entertainment destination with a Genesis Rotomold Surround today!

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2013 Rotomold Spa Collection

The Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series by Cal Spas has been updated and simplified for 2013. The NEW and IMPROVED rotomold spa lineup now features four molds with one jet configuration for each mold. Each Genesis™ spa is molded to perfection using a unique rotational molding process where the shell is spun on two axels to form the desired mold.

True Value within Your Spa

Below are some of the key features found in the new Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series:

Dual Hydrostreamers™ with Valve
These breathtaking solid water streams instantly add a tropical touch to your spa. For your convenience, the Dual Hydrostreamers™ feature a valve that allows you to control the flow of both waterfalls. To further enhance the tropical look and feel of your hot tub, LED lighting is available as an optional feature.

Optional Performance Pack
The Performance Pack features 10 additional hydrotherapy jets and a high performance 5.0 BHP pump, which operates on a 220 volt system.

Exclusive 56 Frame SwitchlessPro™ 2.0 BHP Pump
This high performance 2.0 BHP pump features two independent winding speeds to maximize efficiency and durability – most reliable pumps with less moving parts!

PureCure™ System
This exclusive water purification system uses the power of natural ultraviolet light to purify spa water; instantly killing bacteria, algae and viruses.

“Plug & Play” Kit
This convenient kit reduces installation costs since you can simply plug in your spa and soak – saving you money!

Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
Each jet delivers a steady stream of water and is designed to address a specific muscle group for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

Genesis Rock™ Accent Panels
These breathtaking accent panels feature a unique rock design and complement any backyard landscape.

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Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series

The Genesis™ Rotomold Series by Cal Spas was designed for homeowners seeking a budget-friendly hot tub with top-of-the-line features. Each Genesis™ spa was uniquely formed using a rotational molding process where the shell is spun on two axels to form the desired mold. With up to 40 relaxing massage therapy jets, the Genesis™ Rotomold Series features the finest in luxury hydrotherapy. To further enhance your backyard, each spa can be upgraded with decorative panels, LED lighting, and breathtaking water features.

What is Rotational Molding?

During the unique rotational molding process, the spa shell is formed by heating and spinning powder-coated plastic on two axes to create a desired shape.  Both the spa shell and structure is molded at one time, into one piece. This innovative process increases the durability and flexibility of the spa, allowing you to enjoy your spa for years to come. This automated manufacturing process also allows the Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series to be offered at an affordable price range that meets your budget.

Benefits of the Genesis™ Rotomold Spa Series:

  • Cost-Effective!
  • Lower Operating Costs!
  • Unique structure retains heat!
  • Highly-durable!

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