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Cal Spas® Introduces the New Connect™ 751 Spas


New sleek design provides the utmost style and comfort!

2015 is going to be another extraordinary year for Cal Spas® with the introduction of the new Connect™ 751 Lounger and the Connect™ 751 Bench Spas.

Connect™ Spas are full-sized luxury hot tubs crafted with entertainment in mind. Your party will definitely enjoy chilled cocktails and great conversation in the heated comfort of a Connect™ Spa.

01. C-751L-S Top View

Connect 751 Lounge Spa

The all new Connect™ Spas give you the ability to choose between 37 or 50 jets. It features larger foot domes with foot therapy jets, speakers that project sound inward providing better acoustics, and oversized pillows for better neck support. Even the placement of the cup holders makes it easier to enjoy a dip in the spa.

The new Connect™ Series Spas allows you to customize your hot tub experience by giving you the power to choose a spa that is specifically suited to your needs.

Connect™ Spas feature Mega-Weir™ Teleweir, a 75 sq. ft. filtration system that helps prevent unwanted debris from re-entering the spa.

Hydrotherapy at its best! The Contour-Lux™ Seat Design provides better lumbar support and is ergonomically shaped to the natural curvature of the spine, which is perfect for those who are looking for relief from back strains and pains.

The best part is that you can share the seven-foot Connect™ experience with up to six people! Cal Spas® is excited to share the new Connect™ experience with you.

02. C-751L-S Viewpoint

Connect 751 Bench Spa

To learn more about the new Connect™ 751 Lounger or Bench Spa and the full Cal Spas® product line, visit www.calspas.com

See the Connect™ 751 Lounge in action: http://youtu.be/tvFXrX_pCAU

Swim Spas Offer Fitness and Relaxation

Staying fit and relaxing go hand-and-hand with a Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spa. Visit your local dealer for more details…http://calspas.com/dealer-locator/

Happy Valentines Day from Cal Spas

Nothing says “Happy Valentines Day” like champagne and a romantic evening in a Cal Spas hot tub
Photo: Nothing says "Happy Valentines Day" like champagne and a romantic evening in a Cal Spas hot tub

The Velocity Spa™ is the Ultimate in Pleasure!

               Receive the peace and tranquility of a luxury resort in your own backyard.

Photo: Receive the peace and tranquility of a luxury resort in your own backyard. The Velocity Spa™ is the Ultimate in Pleasure!

Romantic Spa Getaway

Cal Spas LED lighting will instantly turn your hot tub into a romantic backyard getaway. Ideal for evening use, LED lighting options include topside perimeter lighting, underwater lighting, and illuminated valves, speakers and displays on some hot tubs. To add to your romantic spa experience, exterior LED porch lighting is available on most Cal Spas hot tubs. Best of all, LED lighting can be programmed to alternate between seven colors on two color modes or shine on a particular hue to create the ideal romantic setting.

Exclusive Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting
All Cal Spas hot tubs offer the exclusive Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting option. With the Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting, each jet light is programmed to turn on when the jet is set to maximum flow and shut off when the jet is turned off. This breathtaking option also features an individual on/off functionality for each jet – an industry first!

Smart Choices
When compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs last up to 50 times longer and use 1/10 of power – saving you money!

For additional information on Cal Spas, please visit: www.calspas.com

At-Home Tropical Paradise

A hot tub instantly turns any backyard into an at-home tropical paradise. Hot tubs offer an escape to paradise by providing a place of pure relaxation and luxurious hydrotherapy. With sensual waterfalls and LED lighting, a hot tub is also the ideal romantic getaway for couples and empty nesters.

Cal Spas hot tubs provide relaxing hydrotherapy and are designed to complement any lifestyle and backyard at a remarkable value. Cal Spas hot tubs also provide a constant source of entertainment that you can enjoy with family and friends as you listen to music, watch your favorite programs and enjoy each other’s company in the world’s most relaxing, tropical spa getaway: Your home.

For more information on Cal Spas, please visit: www.calspas.com


Customized Spa Session

Cal Spas hot tubs feature different types of valves that allow you to customize your spa session. These convenient valves are designed to direct the flow of air or water to different areas of your hot tubs. LED lighting can be added to the hot tub valves to enhance the look and feel of your spa.

Cal Spas hot tubs can feature any combination of the following valves:

  • Gate Valves: These hot tub valves are located inside the equipment area and can be used in either priming or maintenance service to prevent water from draining out of the hot tub when equipment must be removed for maintenance.
  • Diverter Valves: Available in one-inch and two-inch sizes, these valves are located on the topside of your hot tub and divert water flow from one area to another. This allows you to increase pressure in some seats while lowering pressure in others. You can also place the valves in the middle of your hot tub to gently power all seats while entertaining family and friends.
  • Air Venturi Valves: Also located on the topside of the hot tub, these air valves can be activated to add air pressure to specific jets for a more vigorous hydrotherapy experience.
  • Drain Valves: Draining your hot tub is simple with this convenient drain valve. Simply open the equipment panel, attach any garden hose to the drain valve apparatus and open the valve. The spa water will drain without the use of a pump. Conveniently, most Cal Spa hot tubs can be upgraded with a Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve that eliminates the need to remove any panels.

For additional information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

Candy Cane™ Jets with Hi-Light™ LED Lighting

The Candy Cane™ Jets by Cal Spas are LED-ready and feature a unique transparent and stainless steel “candy cane” design. These striking hot tub jets are standard on Cal Spas hot tubs and feature an exclusive patented design. With Hi-Light™ LED Jet Lighting, Candy Cane™ Jets instantly turn any hot tub into a romantic spa retreat. Best of all, Hi-Light™ LED Lighting can be programmed to alternate between seven colors on two color modes or shine on a particular hue to create an ideal romantic setting for any occasion. Entertain family and friends in style with a Cal Spas hot tub today!

To learn more about Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com