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Cal Spas® Introduces the New Connect™ 751 Spas


New sleek design provides the utmost style and comfort!

2015 is going to be another extraordinary year for Cal Spas® with the introduction of the new Connect™ 751 Lounger and the Connect™ 751 Bench Spas.

Connect™ Spas are full-sized luxury hot tubs crafted with entertainment in mind. Your party will definitely enjoy chilled cocktails and great conversation in the heated comfort of a Connect™ Spa.

01. C-751L-S Top View

Connect 751 Lounge Spa

The all new Connect™ Spas give you the ability to choose between 37 or 50 jets. It features larger foot domes with foot therapy jets, speakers that project sound inward providing better acoustics, and oversized pillows for better neck support. Even the placement of the cup holders makes it easier to enjoy a dip in the spa.

The new Connect™ Series Spas allows you to customize your hot tub experience by giving you the power to choose a spa that is specifically suited to your needs.

Connect™ Spas feature Mega-Weir™ Teleweir, a 75 sq. ft. filtration system that helps prevent unwanted debris from re-entering the spa.

Hydrotherapy at its best! The Contour-Lux™ Seat Design provides better lumbar support and is ergonomically shaped to the natural curvature of the spine, which is perfect for those who are looking for relief from back strains and pains.

The best part is that you can share the seven-foot Connect™ experience with up to six people! Cal Spas® is excited to share the new Connect™ experience with you.

02. C-751L-S Viewpoint

Connect 751 Bench Spa

To learn more about the new Connect™ 751 Lounger or Bench Spa and the full Cal Spas® product line, visit www.calspas.com

See the Connect™ 751 Lounge in action: http://youtu.be/tvFXrX_pCAU

Cal Spas Hot Tubs are Reconnecting Families



In this age of technology we have lost the art of conversation. Texting, FaceBook and Smartphones have become the family hub. We don’t communicate directly with each other anymore our contact is done via texting or direct messaging even among family members that live in the house together.

Reviving the art of conversation can be done by spending quality time together and designating a time to meet and relax in your Cal Spas hot tub. It can become a gathering place to create new family memories and have meaningful family discussions.

Couple A few ways to maximize your time together as a family:

• Reflect on your day and share the highs and lows with your family
• Create a safe zone to share your feelings and have honest conversations
• Resolve any conflicts that may have occurred amongst the family through calm discussion
• Laugh and talk about things that brought the family together in the past and plan future vacations, family gatherings or outings

Enjoy your Cal Spas hot tub and reconnect with family while creating wonderful new memories.

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GEN-II from Cal Spas Adds Elegance to a Classic Design


Take outdoor living to a whole new level of comfort in the privacy of your own home.

Pair a gorgeous sterling silver acrylic shell with beautifully colored smoked cabinet panels and you have a spa that friends and family will envy for years. The GEN-II Collection from Cal Spas combines classic design, cutting-edge technology, and value while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience without sacrificing style. Designed to exceed expectations, Cal Spas™ uses a patented 7-layer laminate system, known as Fibersteel™ Construction, and sets the bar with strict standards in efficiency, insulation and filtration resulting in better spa performance, better water circulation, cleaner water, and lower energy bills. Visit your local authorized Cal Spas dealer today and experience the beauty and power of the GEN-II collection by Cal Spas. The price of this spa will truly amaze you.

Cal Spas website – http://calspas.com/series/?id=53

Gen-II Brochure –http://dealers.calspas.com/pdf/emailers/GENIIBROCHURE.pdf

How to Turn your Hot Tub into a Cool Summer Spa

familyfun2-07During the hot summer months hot tub owners often put the cover on their hot tub and leave it unused until the cooler months roll back around. Many people have overlooked a simple solution that would make their spas a wonderful summer gathering spot for friends and family. 

I’m happy to tell you that converting your hot tub into a refreshing summer spa can be done in a few easy steps. By turning down the heat, or turning offthe heater entirely and draining some of the warm water; replacing it with cool water to provide a refreshing summer spa you’re sure to create a favorite spot for relaxing and socializing in your own backyard.

Keeping the water cool can be done by using your cover and insulation to keep the cool temperature locked in. We know that water warms slower than the air outside therefore the water will continue to be cooler longer. If you keep your spa cover on during the day when you’re not using it and at night, remove it leaving the air jets running to drop the temperature a few more degrees you will keep a cool comfortable temperature throughout the hot summer months.

Draining your hot tub during the summer is a bad idea, so why not utilize it and make it a functional part of your summer fun. By keeping water in your spa it keeps the seals moist which prevents cracking. Water that is moving keeps the water clear and the pipes in good condition; standing water without movement can increase your chance of corrosion causing costly problems later.

Use your hot tub all year round by making easy adjustments as the seasons change. You will love it and your family will have a new way to enjoy the fun summer months.

Swim Spas Offer Fitness and Relaxation

Staying fit and relaxing go hand-and-hand with a Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spa. Visit your local dealer for more details…http://calspas.com/dealer-locator/


Platinum™ Spas deliver intensive hydrotherapy through the external application of heated water and massage jets while the weight of your body floats without joint pressures. Platinum™ Spas promote an accelerated spa hydrotherapy experience: blood circulation increases, immune response improves, and toxins are removed from the body. Experience relief from muscle pains and stiffness and symptoms of daily stress. Elevate your physical and mental well-being with a beautifully refined Platinum™ Spa.


Soothing Pain Relief

Do you suffer from arthritis or constant muscle pain? Did you know that a hot tub offers a soothing alternative to muscle pain or arthritis relief? Cal Spas hot tubs are designed to deliver targeted hydrotherapy to muscle groups to effectively relieve pain. If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, then you will be pleased to find that water buoyancy in a Cal Spas hot tub greatly relieves joints and muscles of constant pressure. According to the Arthritis Foundation, doctors recommend soaking in warm water before starting your day to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Additionally, warm water temporarily relieves stiffness and joint aches, increasing flexibility. Experience the soothing benefits firsthand by slipping into a Cal Spas hot tub today. Your body will thank you.

To learn more about Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

Health & Hydrotherapy Benefits of Swim Spas

During the development process of the Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spa line, Cal Spas focused on improving the overall health of consumers. Unlike other swim spas, you will find that Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spas are packed with features that address various health issues by providing a soothing alternative for physical and sleep therapy, and rehabilitation.

In addition to providing the experience of an aquatic gym, Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spas are also designed to provide a form of physical therapy or rehabilitation. These swim spas are ideal for those recovering from an injury or with physical limitations since they provide numerous options for low impact aquatic exercises.  This is simply because exercises performed in water are much easier than those performed on land. For those with injuries, low impact aquatic exercises can lead to a rapid and more permanent recovery.

Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spas provide an excellent way for those with arthritis to build strength, increase flexibility, ease tired muscles and relax stiff joints, since the water buoyancy greatly reduces the pull of gravity on the body and relieves the body of constant pressure. Like traditional hot tubs, Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spas also incorporate the same hydrotherapy jets that offer soothing pain relief by providing various massage options.

Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spas can also improve your sleep process since hydrotherapy before bedtime may assist in getting a more restful night of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends soaking in hot water before going to sleep due to the associated calming effects. When exiting the spa, the body’s internal thermostat drops and signals the brain that it is time to go to sleep. Both effects result in a truly refreshed morning without the feeling of grogginess that sleep aids can leave behind.

For more information on the Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spa Series by Cal Spas, please visit: www.calspas.com

Fountain of Youth

Improve your health and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with the help of the Ultimate Fitness™ Series by Cal Spas! Studies have shown that regular exercise increases longevity and improves a number of health conditions. Swim spas are gaining popularity among the Baby Boom generation simply because low impact exercises performed in water are much easier than those performed on land. Unlike other swim spas, you will find that the Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas are packed with features that address various health issues, including arthritis, by providing a soothing alternative for physical and sleep therapy, and rehabilitation. Like traditional hot tubs, Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spas by Cal Spas also incorporate the same hydrotherapy jets that offer soothing pain relief by providing various massage options.

Improve your health in comfort with the Ultimate Fitness™ Series today and feel the difference in your everyday life!

For additional information on Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas or Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com