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Platinum™ Spas deliver intensive hydrotherapy through the external application of heated water and massage jets while the weight of your body floats without joint pressures. Platinum™ Spas promote an accelerated spa hydrotherapy experience: blood circulation increases, immune response improves, and toxins are removed from the body. Experience relief from muscle pains and stiffness and symptoms of daily stress. Elevate your physical and mental well-being with a beautifully refined Platinum™ Spa.


Embrace the Cal Spas Platinum Lifestyle

Enjoy first-class hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home with the Platinum™ Series by Cal Spas. Only Platinum™ hot tubs combine elite styling cues and premium features with the highest value in the industry. These elegant spas will take you away to your own relaxing, tropical oasis where you will experience the finest in luxury hydrotherapy. With invigorating massage therapy jets designed to target your sore, tired muscles and contoured seats that hug your body’s natural curves, Platinum™ hot tubs will take you away to a level of relaxation beyond your wildest imagination.  Experience the Platinum™ lifestyle with Cal Spas today!

For additional information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com