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Relaxing Spa Paradise

Experience the world of unmatched hydrotherapy with the E750B hot tub by Cal Spas. Bask in absolute relaxation as 50 hydrotherapy spa jets whisk you away to your own tropical paradise. You and your family will enjoy six comfortable seats that conform to your body’s natural lines to deliver uninterrupted hot tub relaxation. Each seat also features unique spa jet configurations to deliver a full back massage from seat to seat for a unique experience each time you get in. Sit back and relax as comfortable pillows caress your head for the ultimate spa experience. Best of all, you can relax with peace of mind knowing your hot tub water is free of contaminants with the included Ozonator that purifies your water naturally with harmless Ozone. This is your escape from the everyday, any day. Bring home the Escape E750B spa today and experience your own relaxing spa paradise!

For more information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com