Top Selling Dealers Honored at the Cal Spas 2014 Dealer Summit


Cal Spas the leading manufacturer of Home Resort Products, held their annual Cal Spas Dealer Awards Ceremony, January 10, 2014, at Disney California Adventures exclusive Stage 17. The awards ceremony was the conclusion of the Cal Spas 2014 Dealer Summit, and honored dealers with top sales numbers for the year.
The event was a phenomenal night of recognition for those dealers who showed exceptional sales numbers during the 2012/2013 sales year. A stunning display of lights, music, and gourmet cuisine met the over 300 attendee’s who were ushered by representatives of Disney to the VIP gathering in the heart of Disney California Adventure. The breathtaking ambiance, of Stage 17 made it clear that Cal Spas pulled out all the stops to make the evening a night to remember.