Women's sterilization

Conducting surgical sterilization in a woman is possible in two situations: according to medical prescriptions, or at their own request in contraceptual purposes. Quite often, after the birth of the desired number of children, the family decides to apply the most reliable method of contraception. Then surgical female sterilization is carried out voluntarily. This method is the most reliable and economical (lack of future spending on various contraceptives). But the woman should realize that this is an irreversible process, so the decision on sterilization should be suspended and well deliberate.
In addition to female surgical contraception, men's vasectomy, more so, is safer, easier and cheaper. Therefore, if the family does not plan to further continue the genus, it is preferable to make vasectomy. However, according to statistics, female sterilization significantly exceeds the male.
Historically, the use of surgical sterilization was necessary to improve the quality of health, and later it began to apply in social and contraceptible purposes. Today, in most cases, in all countries, sterilization is carried out according to serious medical testimony, such as: serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, the presence in the history of heavy gynecological complications after childbirth, the uterus break and other incompatible contraindications to pregnancy.
The sterilization method is safe - this is confirmed by statistics. The fatal outcome during sterilization is 10 cases per 100,000 operations, while the fatal outcome during childbirth is fixed in 500 cases out of 100. 000. These figures indicate that surgical sterilization is much safer than repeated childbirth. Often, voluntary sterilization is made immediately after childbirth, and the duration of stay in the hospital does not change, and the woman is safely discharged into a planned day with a baby.
Women's sterilization is carried out by different surgical methods, but with a single principle - the creation of obstruction of the uterine pipes to prevent the fusion of the spermatozoa and the egg. The effectiveness of such contraception is very high, the probability of conception is 0, 8%. The highest risk of "contraceptive failure" is observed in the early years after the operation, over time, the danger of possible pregnancy decreases. Much of the site has been specially adapted to work equally as well on desktop computers and laptops, or mobile phones and tablets. Free apps can be downloaded from the Play or iOS stores and these let you enjoy the action from wherever you happen to be. What is more, with our 1XBET promo code for today you get access to the 1XBET promo code store. This brings you a lot of benefits without any effort. All the details about this 1xbet Promo Code today offer can be found on the 1XBET website.

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