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Pay attention to the return! The return is calculated from the following formula:

    Return = Profit / Capital Investment

And costs depress the return enormously, because high costs lead to a lower profit and so there is less left at the end of the day. While there are hardly any or no costs when investing in savings books or savings accounts, this is different with securities. There are a lot of fees for funds and the securities account also costs something, and it is precisely these costs and fees that reduce the return on the investment in Therefore, be vigilant with regard to costs and fees and take the reins in your own hands and don't let yourself be pushed by sales representatives who only want to sell the product in order to be able to collect rich commissions!

Classic investments

  •     You have not yet saved a nest egg?
  •     You do not want to invest your money for longer (at least 5 years and beyond)?

Then you should consider the following options

get ehr out of your money - for existing assets and for asset accumulation

You can read in this section why broadly diversified direct investment in funds or ETFs is advisable.

More return also means higher risk!

ATTENTION: This is about investments with more risk. However, more risk also means more return opportunities. Be aware, however, that you have to look at your investment over several years and that price fluctuations can and will occur. In the worst case, a total loss can occur, so always check carefully where you invest and what you invest your money in!

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Are you planning to invest your freely disposable money in the medium or long term? We are talking here about maturities of 5 years and considerably more. Yes? Then we provide you with the following tips on what could be interesting for you to build up a nice fortune.

If you have money at your disposal that you would like to invest for a longer period of time, we recommend investing directly in funds or, even better, in ETFs. Even if investing through a unit-linked life insurance policy also has its positive sides (especially tax advantages with long terms), direct investment is to be favoured for medium to long-term investments with a term of 5 to 15 years and you really have a free choice of funds and ETFs as well as the choice of securities account. As mentioned above, pay attention to your costs, because these will reduce your returns and this does not have to be the case with the right choice of funds and the custodian bank.

  •         The advantages for direct investments in funds and ETFs:
  •         low fixed costs (no insurance tax and no insurance costs)
  •         high flexibility in the choice and duration
  •         highest transparency
  •         widest choice, you decide what to buy & sell

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