Use of pneumatic rifles for hunting small beast

For any person who does not represent his life without hunting, all the advantages of such a type of weapons like pneumatic rifles should be apparent. They are quite affordable in price, differ in power indicators, thanks to which you can choose a model that is optimally appropriate to your goals. In addition, an optical sight can be put on the pneumatics, simply easier than the task of direct hit in a moving target.

The determining factor of the power of the rifle is the initial departure rate of bullets. About 140 m / s is the optimal indicator for weapons used in ties, over 200 m / s - suitable for hunting for fine game, subject to a short distance between the hunter and the goal. And with a speed indicator, equal to 300 m / s, a rifle can be used for firing along rather large beasts, and with quite a decent distance. The weapon license of this type relating to the category of the most powerful is issued in the manner prescribed by law.

The following varieties of pneumatic weapons are distinguished:

1. Rifle spring-piston modification. It differs simplicity of use, the principle of action resembles a medical syringe. The power of such weapons largely depends on the spring and the difference between the indicators of the volume of the barrel and the cylinder.

2. Multiple charge gas-balloon rifle, in which in addition to the bullets, a special canopy filled with compressed gas is used (there is enough of it for 50 shots).

3. Compression rifle, air to which is injected using a special built-in pump. The power of this weapon can be adjusted using the pumping force (that is, the stronger the weapons, the more powerful it will be shot from it).

4. Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP) - a modification, which is an optimal combination of compression and gas-balloon rifles. The reliability and simplicity of the design is distinguished, as well as accuracy and high power indicators.

License for weapons of limited lesion - pneumatics with dulb energy equal to 7.5-25 J., is issued in the territorial department of the licensing system, in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Arms".

According to the current legislation, any law-abiding citizen who has reached the age of majority, in compulsory manner under the medical examination and is a member of the hunting community, can get the so-called "pneumatic" license. Having received permission to weapons, you can engage in your hobby. We wish you a good hunt! Best social CRM for construction company.

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