Marketing Terms Dictionary for Business

Dynamic Advertising Products (DPA) is a type of advertising on Facebook, which automatically promotes your products among people who visited your website or application. You will need to download your product catalog on Facebook to be able to use dynamic advertising.

Initiate Checkout (IC) - the number of Initiate Checkout events tracked by Facebook pixels that can be related to your advertising.

Target page (LP) - a special page on your website, where people who click on your ads are sent.

Last Visitors of the Task Force (LPV) - the number of times when your target page has been viewed by someone who pressed your ad.

LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE (LAL / LAA / LLA) - type of audience that you can create for your advertising campaigns in Facebook using an existing individualized audience. Such an audience consists of people who look like people in your individualized audience.

The middle of the funnel (MOFU) is the middle stage of the sales process. Here the client is represented by your product or service as a solution to his problem.

Primary in one click (OCU) - Type of Offer Propyrit, in which the buyer is invited to add additional items in their basket with one click.

Disposable offer (OTO) - Type of Offer Primary, in which the buyer is invited to add additional products to their basket, but only for a limited period of time.

The involvement of publications on the page (PPE) is the purpose of the campaign, which when choosing, indicates Facebook, which you need to try to find people in your audience, which most likely will interact with your publications.

Repeating (RT) is the practice of advertising products or content for people who have already interacted somehow with your content. To be able to spend the recreation campaigns on Facebook, you need to place a Facebook pixel on your website.

Return of investments (ROI) - total income from the amount of money, time and resources that you invest in Facebook advertising.

Profitability of investment in advertising (Roas) is one of the most important advertising indicators. It is used to measure the efficiency of the advertising campaign. To calculate Roas, divide the total income received from the advertising campaign to the amount of money spent on the campaign.

Top of Funnel (Tofu) is the first stage of the sales process. This stage is usually used to familiarize yourself with the client with the problem with which it or it faces.

UP-SELL (USA) is a sales method used to encourage the buyer to buy a more expensive product than the one they consider. Facebook allows you to customize campaigns for the use of dynamic advertising.

Views Video (VV) - the number of views of your video advertise on Facebook for three or more seconds. Snapchat Porn - Download free

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