Tombola becomes a member of NOGA

Tombola becomes a member of NOGA

The opening of the online gaming market in the Netherlands is just around the corner. You've already read on this website that bingo site Tombola will also focus on Dutch players. That's not the only news about this British bingo site. Tombola has joined NOGA, the Dutch Online Gambling Association.

Who or what is Tombola?

First things first, who is Tombola? The second question is why would they sign up with this industry association? NOGA is committed to responsible and safe participation in online gambling. The answer to this, of course, is pretty logical. Tombola assumes they will be licensed. The British bingo company is already the market leader in Spain, Italy and Denmark. The Netherlands is the next country in this list.

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Tombola was founded in 1999 in Sunderland by Phil Cronin. The company offers online bingo games in Europe. They also develop games in-house. The idea of offering bingo games did not come out of the blue. For years, Cronin's family business printed paper bingo cards for arcades. Cronin saw the shift to online gambling and was quick to create an online bingo website

In no time, Tombola conquered the United Kingdom. Twelve years later, the company is also licensed in Spain. Italy gets to know the Sunderland-based company as early as December 2012.

Tombola dominates the online bingo market in Europe. The company has a few million returning players. In the Netherlands, Tombola is known to bingo lovers. Yet it remains to "look, look, don't buy". Until October 1, 2021. Then Tombola expects to start in the Netherlands.

What is NOGA?

NOGA stands for Dutch Online Gaming Association. It aims to support regulated gaming providers in the Netherlands. NOGA originated from lobby club "Speel Verantwoord", which is founded in 2013. Tombola has been involved in the club from day one. However, the legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands is taking much longer than planned. That is also the reason why Tombola stepped out of the lobby. Meanwhile, the company has rejoined.

NOGA works together with the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Dutch Gaming Authority. The organization also has short lines of communication with the Ministry of Finance and international gaming organizations. Finally, there are collaborations with other industry associations. These include the EGBA and the British Betting and Gaming Council.

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The goal is to create a system in which the consumer is protected. The interests of the regulated gambling providers in the Netherlands are also taken into account. In this way, a market is created that is beneficial to all parties.

NOGA is therefore a platform of gambling providers in the Dutch gambling market in How to get free spins for a phone number. They join forces to ensure a well-regulated gambling market.

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