The Benefits of a Cal Spas Genesis Series Spa

There are many good reasons to choose a Genesis Series Spa from Cal Spas. but the top two reasons have to be the Rotomold construction and the plug and play feature. This makes the Genesis Series a good entry-level product for those who have been thinking of purchasing a hot tub for their home.


The Genesis Series Spa employs Rotomold construction for the both the structure and panels. The benefits of Rotomold construction include increased durability and complete portability. This process makes your hot tub so lightweight that it is completely portable. You can even take it with you when you move!


For your convenience, Genesis Series Spas also utilize “plug and play” technology. This series comes standard with a GFCI plug with cord which works with any standard 15amp outlet. This can be installed without having to call out an electrician so there’s no need to wait.


Cal Spas is so confident in their products that all Genesis Series models come with a lifetime structural guarantee. If you are looking to purchase a hot tub this season, the Genesis Series is an intelligent choice.

Feel the heat with the Cal Spas PureHeat™ Heating System

No question about it, purchasing a hot tub for your home is a major decision. When choosing on a hot tub, the heating element is a major factor since it is a major component and a key factor in energy efficiency. Cal Spas has made this decision a lot easier with the introduction of our PureHeat™ heating system.


The benefits of the PureHeat™ heating system are really two-fold, first by designing the heating element so that it never touches the water, you protect one of the more costly elements to replace in any hot tub.  Secondly, the oversized heating surface and high-density insulation you keep the hot air in and the cold air out reducing heating costs and increasing energy efficiency.



Some key benefits of this heating element include:


  • PureHeat™ is backed by the longest warranty in the industry.


  • Eco-friendly 5.5 kW heater reduces heating costs.


  • Protects your heater by never allowing the heating element to come in contact with the water.


  • The oversized surface area of the heating chamber allows more water to be heated quicker, reducing heating costs.


  • High–density insulation drives heat into the water instead of dispersing heat into the water instead of dispersing heat into the air.


Discover why Cal Spas is the leader in product innovation and constantly striving to improve their products. We take the worry out of purchasing a spa so all you have to do is relax.



Now that daylight savings time is here, that means that warmer weather and spa season are “officially” here as well! We realize that for some of us spa season is all year round, but let’s face it, warmer weather means it is time to relax and hit the water.

Some great entertaining opportunities are just around the corner such as: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day not to mention birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Owning a hot tub affords you the opportunity to bring family and friends together and spend time together outdoors.

Thinking about planning a hot tub party? Here are some fool proof suggestions for your very own hot tub party that are sure to be a hit.

Food – It is generally a good idea to stick to hors d’oeuvres and finger foods. Vegetables and dip, buffalo wings, olives and fresh fruit are all good choices. Looking for something a little more substantial? Why not fire up your Cal Flame grill for more traditional fare like burgers, chicken or steak as the start of any great meal.

Beverages – Smoothies and juice drinks are a great alternative to alcoholic beverages and a real favorite with younger guests. Another popular alternative are “mocktails” or cocktails served without the alcohol. A helpful tip, try not to use glassware as it can easily break in the patio area. Try disposable cups instead.

Games – Add some excitement by having some games ready for your guests to play. Dominoes, checkers, poker, and UNO all have waterproof versions that in your hot tub. Need another option? Why not try that age old classic, charades?

Music – Great music always livens up the crowd. Installing a Cal Spas iPod iSound stereo system is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and enjoying themselves.

Towels – Rule of thumb, you can never have enough towels. Plan accordingly. Sun bloc is also good to have on hand just in case.

Relaxing – Of course, the greatest reason to host a party in your hot tub is to just take some time to relax and enjoy the warm water and the massaging jets. What better opportunity to spend time catching up with family and friends than in the soothing waters of your Cal Spas hot tub.

Putting together the perfect hot tub party is easier than you think. Start with a Cal Spas spa and follow these few simple steps and you are all set.




Swim or Soak? Swim spas are gaining in popularity and the reasons are obvious. The Cal Spas Swim Series provides many benefits, but most importantly they are completely multifunctional. You will no longer have to choose between using your spa for relaxation or exercise. Swim spas can provide both.


  1. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise – Swimming has been proven to be an excellent source of cardio. Our fitness series spas can also be used for low-impact underwater running, aerobics, Pilates, and strength training with elastic resistance bands.
  2. Swim spas are much smaller than traditional pools and save space – Fitness Series spas start at 12-ft. so you can easily make space no matter what the size of your backyard.
  3. Efficient maintenance – Swim spas require much less water and chemicals to maintain than regular pools. They also require less energy to heat, reducing costs.
  4. Family Friendly – Since most swim spas are only 4-4.5 feet deep, they are safer for younger members of the family than full-sized pools.
  5. Multi-functional – Swim Spas can also be used as a traditional spa for hydrotherapy and relaxation. You can have the best of both worlds.
  6. Rehabilitation – Swim spas are perfect for rehabilitation as they are low resistance and very easy on your joints and muscles.

Whether you are just beginning your fitness regimen or you have been swimming for a long time, a Swim Series by Cal Spas is a wise investment in your health and well-being.