“Cal Spas™ is the Best” According to Customers

Cal Spas™ continues a tradition of customer satisfaction:

Cal Spas is by far the best hot tub. A few of my friends have other brands and I don’t have any of the issues they have. They have problems with water, broken pumps and heaters, things I don’t have to deal with. I have a Connect 750B and love it. It hasn’t ever missed a beet or had any problems. I would strongly recommend only buying this brand if you want years of reliability and comfort. Hope this helps…D Sandler, Portland, OR


Cal Spas iSound™ Stereo System Makes Spa Time Magical

iSound™ Stereo System

Take your spa experience beyond hydrotherapy while groove to the soothing sounds of your favorite band.


• X-iPod dock transmits RF audio to a high-output, high-range
speaker system with two (2) 4” or four (4) 6” speakers and remote
• 72 watt weatherproof speakers
• Larger IC Tuner with improved reception
• State-of-the-art remote control with:
3 Balance and fader
3 Blue backlight display – displays FM station and iPod song titles
3 Preset FM radio stations
• External Controls
• USB port
• Bluetooth capability
• High Power Subwoofer for ultimate sound system (optional)


Control the optional Integrated Bluetooth Sound System with your personal smart devices. Manage the music and volume from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet and wireless headsets.

View the iSound video on Youtube –  http://youtu.be/Lat-d3Oz0uo

Cal Spas Offers the Most Powerful Dually™ Pump System in the Industry!

dually-ecoLearn more about the Dually™ Pump – http://youtu.be/0-ao6OsYvGk

Cal Spas is one of the top manufacturers of hot tubs in the nation and its name has held strong in the industry for over 35 years.  Introducing new innovation and technology keeps Cal Spas ahead of competitors and places the company at the forefront of product development.  The latest industry advancement is the powerful and energy efficient Dually™ Pump System. 


With more than 10 years in development this revolutionary Dually™ Pump System is hands down the most cutting edge system available.  The key to the new system is the size of the pump which is larger than most pumps found in spas today.  At 48 lbs its 56 frame size is 62% heavier than conventional 48 frame pumps which are found in most spas.  Larger magnets, windings and internal cooling fan help this Dually™ Pump produce and incredible amount of power while keeping itself cooler ensuring this pumps efficiency for years to come.

Unlike conventional spa pumps that typically produce 160 gallons per minute of water flow, the Dually™ Pump boasts an impressive 280 gallons per minute  on high speed and 102 gallons per minute on low all while utilizing single pump electrical consumption and sound levels.  

GEN-II from Cal Spas Adds Elegance to a Classic Design


Take outdoor living to a whole new level of comfort in the privacy of your own home.

Pair a gorgeous sterling silver acrylic shell with beautifully colored smoked cabinet panels and you have a spa that friends and family will envy for years. The GEN-II Collection from Cal Spas combines classic design, cutting-edge technology, and value while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience without sacrificing style. Designed to exceed expectations, Cal Spas™ uses a patented 7-layer laminate system, known as Fibersteel™ Construction, and sets the bar with strict standards in efficiency, insulation and filtration resulting in better spa performance, better water circulation, cleaner water, and lower energy bills. Visit your local authorized Cal Spas dealer today and experience the beauty and power of the GEN-II collection by Cal Spas. The price of this spa will truly amaze you.

Cal Spas website – http://calspas.com/series/?id=53

Gen-II Brochure –http://dealers.calspas.com/pdf/emailers/GENIIBROCHURE.pdf

How a Swim Spa was the Perfect Solution to this Couples Swimming Pool Woes!


Two summers ago my wife and I were thinking about getting an in ground pool for our back yard. As usual she did the research and we called a pool company to come out and take a look at our yard. Our back yard has a steep slope down to the river behind us and we knew we’d be looking at a few challenges. After meeting with the rep from the pool company and talking with a landscaper that specializes in pool landscapes we decided the cost wasn’t worth it. The retaining wall would cost almost as much as the pool itself. Then my wife had another one of her brainstorms. She suggested we look into swim spas! This was yet another great idea.

A swim spa is not a hot tub nor is a swim spa a pool. A swim spa marries together the best qualities of the two. It has jetted seats like a hot tub and a deeper end where you can swim against powerful jets located on the opposite end from the seats. A swim spa offers the best of both worlds AND is designed to be used year round no matter where you live. To me it’s a no brainer that offers so much more than either of the other two options.

The companies who manufacture swim spas have taken everything necessary into consideration. They have thoughtfully designed the plumbing and electronics to be both powerful and efficient. When you sit in a jetted seat of a swim spa you’ll notice right away that the jets are much more powerful than a regular hot tub. If you want to swim against the current you’ll discover a real workout. This is because of the pump design that uses two motors that make two zones. Each motor can be turned up or down to your desired strength of current or jets. This makes for an even better spa experience because you can adjust both motors to give you a relaxing hot tub experience with a combination of jets and the water current. It can be like sitting in a river with a strong current and a hot tub at the same time! A swim spa is whisper quiet and easier to maintain than a swimming pool. The use of chemicals is minimal.

You can use your swim spa as a complete workout system. You can swim against the current or you can use that current for low impact exercise. There are several positions you can use to rehabilitate from surgeries or injuries. You can also get the optional workout package that includes various equipment to maximize your workout. The swim spa is quite possibly the best mechanism you can use for your exercise regimen!

Treadmill Swimming

After our research was done we started things moving. We found a Swim Spa dealer and went to their showroom and asked ten thousand questions. We were lucky to find a salesperson who knew the product inside and out. There are several sizes to choose from, each with options to consider like LED lighting, sound systems and shell finish. The lengths vary and you can select between the standard or over-the-top swim spa and hot tub combination. 

Once we selected the swim spa that was right for us, the next step was to coordinate with an electrician and someone who could pour a cement slab. We were able to have a cement pad poured and an electrician out to do the necessary wiring quickly; our swim spa was delivered and working in a short period of time.

These days I simply can’t imagine my life without my swim spa. Last summer we turned the heat off and were able to use it on hot days as a refreshing way to beat the heat. There is no better way to relax after mowing the lawn or working in the garden than to sit back and let the water rehabilitate your body. This winter we’ve left the heat right around 100 degrees. We jump in and let the steam swirl around us while we’re warm and toasty. The beautiful thing is when you get out of the spa, it can be ten degrees outside and it doesn’t bother you. Your body retains the heat from the water. We have a heated towel rack that we throw our bath robes over, so when we get out of the spa we have warm robes waiting for us. While we’re in our spa we’re able to look out and enjoy all of the wildlife that living on a river brings to us and that makes the experience even better!

Voted one of the Top 50 Products of 2014 by readers of Pool & Spa News , Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness Swim Spas are competitively priced and offer innovative design and engineering to ensure maximum satisfaction. Learn more about Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness Swim Spa – http://youtu.be/crqVRLrj3Cc