Dress Up Your Patio

QSP-New-Accessories-600x450Home is where the heart is, we create our very own personal sanctuary where we can sit back, relax and unwind after a long day. It’s important to set a relaxing and convenient space for ourselves that suits our needs and style. Quick Spa Parts new accessories allow you to do just that. Customize any hot tub patio ambiance with these new accessories from Quick Spa Parts.

ACC01800603-C The Crème colored Spa Side Umbrella is a stylish enough to compliment any spa environment all the while protecting the spa from the elements. Its versatility allows for 360-degrees of travel as well as a crank-and-tilt mechanism that offers trouble-free operation. #ACC01800603-C


ACC01600501 The Spa Side Handrail provides 360-degrees of movement to allow easy entry and exit. An added locking feature enables the handrail to be fixed in any position for increased safety and peace of mind. The attractive carbon gray powder coat is accented by the new battery-powered LED mood lighting located on the interior curve of the rail. #ACC01600501

ACC01600121 The surprising ease in which the Cover EX helps remove your spa cover will impress, and will undoubtedly lead to more soaks in your hot tub. Reinforced aluminum construction ensures that the EX will outperform in any backyard environment, requiring only 12” of operational clearance. #ACC0160012

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Cal Spas on VH1’s Twinning

Cal Spas will be featured in VH1’s new reality television show, “Twinning”maxresdefault

The network’s website describes the show:

For the first time ever, VH1 is doubling down on a reality competition series that will put “twin-tuition” to the test in“Twinning” premiering Wednesday, July 22nd at 10PM ET/PT with ten hour-long episodes.

Watch the first episode, here.

Hosted by Angie Greenup,“Twinning” is an arc’d competition series in which twelve sets of twins will go head to head for a grand prize of $222,222.22. But getting there won’t be easy. Viewers will experience double the meltdowns, double the hook-ups, and, of course, double the twists when twin teams are pushed to their limits in unexpected ways. As the strengths and weaknesses of each twin pair is revealed, relationships will be tested and resentments will be exposed. In the end, the pair of twins left standing will win the cash prize, and be crowned as the twinners.

Cal Spas has provided a set of TWIN Platinum Series 860 Bench Spas for the contestants of the show.
CaptureMake sure to tune in to Vh1 on Wednesdays to catch “Twinning”

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Cal Spas F-1222 Ultimate Fitness Swim Spa

Are you looking to improve your health and overall quality of life without breaking the bank? Then the F-1222 is the perfect swim spa for you! With a powerful 6.0 BHP Swim Jet Pump with 2.5″ Plumbing and Hi Flow Main Drains, the F-1222 offers a complete at-home aquatic gym at a budget-friendly price. Join the Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness™ Revolution with the F1222 today and feel the difference in your everyday life!F-1640 Environment

Cal Spas, Ultimate Fitness™ F-1222 provides the ideal aquatic workout experience. This spa is the perfect way to achieve a complete workout without the harmful impact land-based exercises can have on muscles and joints. The new fitness spa was developed to allow users of various fitness levels the freedom to perform full body aerobic exercises, resistance training and rehabilitation in a safe controlled environment.

It is proven water exercise enables the heart to work more efficiently and accounts for lower blood-pressure, joint flexibility and muscle strengthening. What is unique about the Ultimate Fitness™ F-1222 is the shallow 3’ water level which permits full range movement without losing stability due to jet pressure or water depth.F-1222 Swim Spa Corner Lights

The Ultimate Fitness™ F1222 was developed by Cal Spas® engineers to provide an unsurpassed aquatic workout. The importance of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a fit body have become important factors in the everyday life of people of all walks of life. This spa is an easy and fun way to stay in shape and receive maximum health benefits. Some of the advantages include increased muscle strength, lung capacity and long-term flexibility.

This durable fitness spa is made with a powerful 6.0 BHP Swim Jet Pump, 2.5″ Plumbing, Hi Flow Main Drains and an exclusive Bio-Clean Filter to maintain fresh clean water during your workout.Interior design: Beautiful modern terrace lounge with pergola at

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