Benefits of being a Cal Spas Hot Tub and Swim Spa Owner

Benefits of being a Cal Spas Hot Tub and Swim Spa Owner

Cal Spas will enhance your lifestyle in many ways. Your outdoor patio will be lively and active and you will feel amazing from the inside out. When you are a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa owner you will benefit by improving how you feel each and every day.

The three reasons you will benefit from owning a Cal spa hot tub is the heat, buoyancy, and hydrotherapy. The Cal Spas hot tub is always ready for a hydrotherapy session when you get home. No need to fill a bathtub and wait. When you have a spa, you can lift the cover and get right in.

Let’s dive in.

The heat increases blood flow and lowers our blood pressure in about 15 min. Ease your muscles after a long day at work from any stressors you may have. The heat from the spa will work deep into your muscles to relieve tension and pain.

When you are in a Cal Spas Hot Tub your body weight decreases by 90% due to buoyancy. Give your body a break from a hard day’s work and rejuvenate your body.

Hydrotherapy means ‘water cure’ and it is key when it comes to hitting the reset button on your mind and body. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment. Cal Spas exclusive jets come equipped with nozzles of various sizes, pressures, configurations, and quantities that help with soft tissue muscles and deep tissue muscles.

Overall, when you are a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa owner you will improve arthritis, cardiovascular help, reduce stress and get better sleep. The best part, it’s a healthy way to cope and have fun!

Cal Spas is great for every one of all ages. From the whole family, busy parents, empty nesters, retirees, and high-performance professionals.

The whole family will enjoy relaxing together in a Cal Spas hot tub. Your young kids will enjoy the jets and the warm water, which will allow them to become relaxed and happy. The Cal Spas hot tub will also increase their comfort when it comes to swimming.

Parents will enjoy relaxing with their young ones while getting all the benefits of hydrotherapy. After each session, your whole family will be in a great mood.

Empty Nesters and retirees can benefit from owning a spa by enjoying their golden years. Feel young again by enjoying hydrotherapy on a daily basis. Ease aches of chronic back pain and arthritis as the water provide a range of benefits including the reduction of edema and pain relief. If you have grandkids, they will love coming over and spending time in grandma and grandpas Cal Spas hot tub!

High-Performance Professionals come home after a long day of meetings and deadlines, driving through traffic. The perfect coping method is Cal Spas hydrotherapy. Be the best version of yourself by coming home and rejuvenating your mind and body to relax, sleep well, and start a new day meeting goals.

Owning a spa has many benefits of your health including increased circulation, lower blood pressures, relieves pressure on your body, increase flexibility, joint mobility, and your range of motion. The warmth of the water allows your muscles to relax and eases the pain in your joints, helping you to exercise.

All of Cal Spas hot tubs are portable. As long as you have the right requirements to properly set the hot tub in the location you like. You need a concrete floor at least 4.5 inches thick. You need a certified electrician to install a GFCI box to 240V. Please keep in mind ventilation because Cal Spas can become steamy.

If you are interested in becoming a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa owner then please view our entire product line up on our website and go to your closest specialized Cal Spas Dealer today!


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