Best time to buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa | Cal Spas

Best time to buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa | Cal Spas

The best time to invest in a Cal Spas product such as Hot Tub or Swim Spa is during dealer home shows. When you buy at a state fair or home show you get the opportunity to buy direct. This means price cuts that you will not see any other time of the year. Major savings, because it is a huge event! Keep your eye on your local dealer events.

Cal Spas is GLOBAL! Check our website for upcoming events here.

Cal Spas at the L.A. County Fair

Buying direct during State Fairs saves you money! This is the best time to invest in your brand new Cal Spas hot tub because this is the most exciting time of the year for dealers. When show season starts, the world stops, and production begins! This is a huge event for dealers to bring everything they got to the table and introduce themselves to the community. This benefits you because you can see the best of the best with a wide variety of models with the lowest prices supporting your Local Cal Spas Dealer.

Cal Spas at the L.A County Fair

Get to know your local dealers by stepping inside! The local dealers are there for you to guide you through the process of what hot tub is best for you, what features fit your needs, and the financing process. Additionally, the dealers will follow up with you after purchase to make sure you are happy and everything is going smooth.

Cal Spas at the Minnesota State Fair

Be part of the community! It is exciting to bring your family to the fair and making a special day of it. Supporting local vendors is the best thing you can do for your community and when you go to the fair a connection is made. It is a positive place to go with your family to dream of new exciting adventures such as investing in your own private oasis filled with luxury. Your whole family will benefit from Cal Spas by relieving stress through hydrotherapy.

Cal Spas at the L.A. County Fair

Experience a wide selection of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas! Going to the fair gives you more access to the latest line up and new exclusive features. You can guarantee that it is the best choice to learn and experience Cal Spas for what it is at a state fair with your local dealer. Furthermore, they will guide you through customizing your hot tub with features that you love!



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Make your dream come true! The most exciting time in one’s life is pursuing a dream they always had… creating a true backyard living space where you can go escape and decompress your muscles after a long day will change your life. Not only will you feel better and make better decisions, you can spend more time with friends and family in a Cal Spas hot tub.

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