Cabinet Choices for Every Backyard

Cabinet Choices for Every Backyard

Cal Spas offers breathtaking cabinet choices for every backyard:

Hercules™ Cabinet Panels
Constructed of high-grade polyurethane material, the Hercules™ Cabinets are highly durable, insulated cabinet panels that feature the richness of wood and are constructed to support even the largest spa designs. These dual-panel hot tub cabinets are sound deafening and constructed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Each cabinet panel is easily removable from all 4 sides
    • Highly durable polyurethane framing system
    • Fully insulated bottom shield tray
    • Stone accent design available as an upgraded feature

Cal Preferred™ Cabinet Panels
These highly-durable spa cabinet panels mimic the look of natural wood and are standard on all Cal Spas hot tubs in a variety of colors that complement any backyard landscape. The Cal Preferred™ Cabinet Panels are completely maintenance-free, weather resistant and flame retardant. Best of all, these panels will maintain their rich color for the years to come with the UV light inhibitors that are integrated into the cabinet’s construction.

Cal Choice™ Cabinet Panels
The Cal Choice Panels are extremely durable and weather resistant. These maintenance-free fiberglass panels feature wood-like detailing and are available in a variety of colors to complement your backyard landscape.

Cal Stone™ Cabinet Panels with Built-in Top Rail
These heavy-duty synthetic panels highlight natural layered stone details and are insulated with polyurethane foam for additional insulation. The Cal Stone Panels also incorporate the look of top rails into their design and complement any backyard landscape. These weather resistant earth-tone panels not only look great; they are also extremely sound-deafening, durable, and maintenance free.

Cal Wicker™ Cabinet Panels
Surround your spa in style with this elegant wicker cabinetry, lightweight and tightly woven to protect your spa. Make your hot tub truly stand out with this one-of-a-kind look.

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