Cal Pure Cure Salt System Is a Beneficial Water Solution from Cal Spas

Cal Pure Cure Salt System Is a Beneficial Water Solution from Cal Spas

The Cal Pure Salt System from Cal Spas is an advancement of water science. 

Bringing you purification and sanitized water in Cal Spas Hot Tubs or Swim Spas during each session.

With the Cal Pure Salt System you are getting 99% pure Sodium Bromide (NaBr) that comes from the Dead Sea in Israel.

The natural salt is added to your Cal Spas Hot Tub in order for your automated bromine generator to operate.

When Sodium Bromide comes in contact with the system electrode it’s converted from Sodium Bromide (salt) into low levels of pure free Bromine through electrolysis.

Dead Sea Salt is also very beneficial, and high quality, for the revitalizing the skin. It also helps to relieve muscle stiffness.

The system purchased through Cal Spas includes the following:

  1. Bromine Generator

  2. Topside Control

  3. Electrode

  4. Sodium Bromide Solution

  5. Product Manual (Test Strips Inside)

Test strips allow spa owners to test sodium bromide levels. The sodium bromide solution is inexhaustible and works continually. Consumers should never need to reload on sodium bromide beyond the initial application, unless they drain the spa water. Choose Cal Spas Pure Cure Salt System and make life easy and spa water instantly clean.

It’s a natural solution for you to enjoy Cal Spas for decades to come.

Learn more about Cal Spas and visit your Cal Spas Dealer for more information. 


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