Understanding what CAL SPAS™ DEALER CONNECTION can offer you

Understanding what CAL SPAS™ DEALER CONNECTION can offer you

What is DEALER CONNECT? Essentially, it’s our system to communicate information to our Dealers.  Here, we will explain the benefits it can bring to you and to help you understand how the portal can increase your orders with accuracy and overall improve customer experience all from one easy-to-use platform.

Accessibility– Our online portal is available 24/7. With tablets and mobile devices, downloading the latest, most accurate price sheet happens in real time, and is extremely convenient, so you will not have to wait until you make it back into the office. The portal lends itself as being a quick and efficient way of disseminating information, so you can meet your goals and stay competitive, such as:


  • Sales Tools
    • Latest Product Enhancements
    • Business Tutorial Guide
      • Sales
      • Applying for a retail Website
      • Order Entry
      • How to Track Your Orders
      • Transportation
      • Accounting
    • Pricing
    • Videos & Photos
      • Cal Spas Retail Website Application
      • Cal Spas IPhone APP
  • Upcoming Events
  • Brand Your Products & Showroom
    • Cal Spas™
      • Merchandising
      • Brochures
      • Cal Spas Brochures
      • Cal Spas Swim Spa Brochure
      • Cal Spas Cal Metro
      • Cal Spas Color Chart
      • Consumer Affairs
    • Single Sell Sheets for Spa Series
    • Cal Flame™
  • Download high resolution logo images  
  • Get the latest Newsletters
  • Specials & Bulletins


  • Online Ordering
    • For spas
    • For BBQ
    • For parts
    • Replacement parts
  • Order Tracking
  • CalCare 360
  • Warranty Claims Workbench
  • Service Tools
  • Webinar
  • Reports & Settings
    • Accounting Reports
    • Activity Reports
    • Login Settings

Our Cal Spas Dealer Connection provides accuracy, so you are getting the latest details when you login.

Don’t feel like you’re in this alone. Cal Spa’s Sales Consultants will listen to your needs and challenges and provide strategic direction for you and your business for a successful outcome.

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