Cal Spas Exclusive: PRO TRAINER

Cal Spas Exclusive: PRO TRAINER

If you are considering buying a swim spa, then look no further than Cal Spas Swim-Pro & Fitness Spas with our exclusive Pro Trainer System.

Our lineup of Swim-Pro Swim & Fitness spas offer you the joy, relaxation, and convenience of a complete aquatic gym in your own backyard. After a full body workout, you can relax or cool off with Cal Spa’s specialty seating design.

Pro Trainer System

This system will allow you to adjust all the swim jets simultaneously, providing you with six speeds of equally balanced swim current.

Normal swim spas only provide a consistent current though independent swim jets, which is limiting for both new and experienced swimmers.

But, Cal Spas is appropriate for gentle, low resistance workouts all the way up to aggressive, intense swims!

From the color smart control, you can adjust the resistance until you find the perfect water flow for your aquatic workout that day.

Swim-Pro Workout Button

The Pro Trainer is equipped with a Swim-Pro workout button which allows you to experience variant training. When the button is activated, the swim jets automatically increase and decrease the resistance to provide the perfect workout!

The Cal Spas exclusive Pro Trainer provides the perfect swim spa for all types of swimmers, whether a beginner or a pro (and will definitely turn beginners into pros).

Check out this video to see the system in action!

It’s time for you to transform your patio and your body with a Cal Spas Swim-Pro and Fitness Spa with the added exclusive Pro Trainer System, specially designed to fit every home and lifestyle, including yours!

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