Discover Premium Cal Spas Hot Tub Seating

Discover Premium Cal Spas Hot Tub Seating

Cal Spas Hot Tubs have amazing features that are leading edge on the market today. Seats are designed to match each and every body type. Suit your particular hydrotherapy demands with Cal Spas numerous jet configuration that targets soft, medium, and deep tissue muscles. Spa users can experience a full body massage by simply sitting in different seats. Move around to each seat freely to experience a variety of seat options for your massage hydrotherapy.

Take a tour around a Cal Spas Hot Tub Seating Options.

Experience various ways to relax using hydrotherapy!


Ergonomic Lounger Seat

Ergonomic Lounger Seat: For those who enjoy reclining in comfort, the Ergonomic Lounger Seat provides a subtle yet potent hydrotherapy massage. Cal Spas invites you to select the Ergonomic Lounger Seat if you want to lay back, relax, and unwind in heavenly bliss.



Adjustable Therapy System Plus™

The Cal Spas patented ATS Plus allows spa users to choose from nine distinctive pulsating levels. This system can be programmed to give an enjoyable massage at your desired level of comfort. A simple control panel allows users to quickly change ATS Plus settings.


Aquatic Air Therapy™ (AAT)

AAT unleashes a powerful and effective soft tissue massage therapy experience by combing water and air streams using powerful jet engine technology. The larger combination of three different flow patterns offers rejuvenation to sore muscles and tired joints.



Featuring a unique black/blue with stainless steel design, the Cal Spas Exclusive Stainless Steel Hydro-Pro jets come standard on Cal Spas Escape and Platinum hot tubs to deliver a precise massage experience. Stainless steel candy cane design comes standard on Cal Spas Patio, Swim, and Inground hot tubs.


Quad Neck Jets and Multi-Jet Seat

Cal Spas designed the Quad Neck Jets and Multi-Jet Seat with massage therapy in mind. These four jets provide unparalleled rehabilitation for the neck and shoulder regions. Head support is provided by a custom pillow for the ultimate in neck and cranial relaxation.


Soft Tissue Massage Seat

For athletic customers who require a full body massage, the Soft Tissue Massage Seat is for you. The larger jets in the Soft Tissue Massage Seat are designed to suppress inflammation and accelerate cell recovery for rapid healing.


Footwell with Tornado Jet

Cal Spas understands that the feet are the foundation upon which the body stands. That’s why the Footwell features powerful dome jets to target the sorest part of the feet and massage away aching pain.


Calves Jet

Powerful directional jets with inner adjustable nozzles focus water on the lower leg and calf muscles for an intense hydromassage.


Unsurpassed Jet Varieties

Cal Spas offers the finest selection of spa jet faces that each has a specialized function. Each jet option is positioned in a configuration that delivers effective hydrotherapy massage solutions to specific areas of the body. Users can rotate each jet to the On or Off position for a more personalized spa session.


If you are interested in customizing your own seating Cal Spas offers the U-Select option. Click here to learn more about U-Select! 

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