Chromotherapy Benefits of Owning a Cal Spa

Chromotherapy Benefits of Owning a Cal Spa


When you purchase a Cal Spas Connect Select or Escape Select Series spa one of the key features included is our incomparable LED cascade waterfall. Our cascade waterfall adds to your enjoyment and overall experience by surrounding you with light and color at eye level as you are enjoying your spa, but can be enjoyed from your patio as well.

An added benefit to the cascade waterfall incorporates the ancient healing benefits of chromotherapy, or the use of color to naturally heal the body and help relieve everyday stress and tension.

Here is a list of what each color of the spectrum means in terms of chromotherapy and the benefits.

Red – Increases energy and power. Helps influences vitality.

Orange – Cures procrastination and improves attention. Orange stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm.

Yellow – Brings about feelings of joy and optimism. Helps digestion and has a cleansing affect. Stimulates happiness and brings about a sense of security.

Green – Fights depression. It is useful in fighting irritability and insomnia as well as reducing anxiety.

Blue – Promotes relaxation and reduces high blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. Also has a relaxing effect on muscles.

Purple – Boosts self worth, grants wisdom and decreases sensitivity to pain. This color also helps the body in detoxification.

The healing properties of chromotherapy are just another in a long list of the benefits of regular hot tub usage and yet another benefit to choosing a Cal Spas hot tub.


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