How to Clean Your Hot Tub | Cal Spas

How to Clean Your Hot Tub | Cal Spas

Once you place your Cal Spas Hot Tub in your backyard oasis it is up to you to maintain the spa to keep it in great condition. Here are the steps to show you how to properly maintain your spa with ease.

Keep Your Spa Covered Daily

Keep Your Spa Covered- Keep your hot tub cover on after each use. Covered spas will use less electricity in maintaining your set temperature. Covering your spa will protect your spa’s finish from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You are required to keep the spa covered to maintain warranty coverage. Covering your spa helps prevent children from drowning.

See the manual enclosed with your cover for instructions on mounting the locks and how to lock and unlock the cover.

In addition, while the spa cover is rigid, it is not designed to support any weight. Therefore, as a safety precaution and to preserve the life of your cover, you must not sit, stand, or lie on it, nor should you place objects of any kind on top of it

Check the water temperature and adjust as necessary – If you notice extreme changes in the temperature, it could indicate a system issue.

Check for damage to the cover and spa – Staying aware of your spa is key to keeping your spa in great condition.

Weekly and before each use

Test the Spa Water – You can use Reagent Test Kits, which is a method that provides a high level of accuracy. It is available in Liquid form or Tablet form. Another option is Test Strips, which is convenient and common for spa holders. You want to balance the total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and the pH.

For more details on maintaining spa water click here.

Keep the spa clean by wiping down any debris – you want to keep clear of anything that will cause contamination

Every 2 – 4 months

Change water – If you use your spa often, change the spa water every two months. If you occasionally use your spa water, change it every 4 months.

Click on the links below for in-depth instructions:

Drain your spa

Clean the filter

Refill your spa with fresh water

Once a year

Replace your filter – We recommend you replace your filter about once a year, depending on your spa usage and bather load. Before you place a new filter in your spa, make sure you remove the plastic wrapper. Soak the filter a minimum of 24 hours before you insert it in the filter well.

Never use a filter too small for your spa’s water capacity!

If you need a replacement filter visit

Clean your Hot Tub Cabinet – Keep your panels wiped down and clean for the outdoors. Check for cosmetic or structural damage in case you need to maintain the panels.

If you go on Vacation

  1. Set the spa to Sleep Mode. (See your owner’s manual for changing modes.)
  2. Adjust the pH. Click Here For More Information
  3. Shock the water (add either chlorine or bromine sanitizer.
  4. When you return, check and adjust the pH and shock the water.
  5. If you will not be using your spa for longer than 14 days and a spa maintenance service is not available, we strongly recommend you drain or winterize your spa.

ALWAYS lock your cover using the cover locks if you plan to be away from home and the spa is filled with water.

Plan your Maintenance

Use a Reminder App and Set Reminders – it is always helpful to keep track using your phone. This way everything is at your fingertips.

Use a Tangible or Digital Calendar – keeping a calendar to remind yourself exactly what happened the last time you checked your spa. This way you can get a clear understanding of the patterns and what to expect throughout the years as you maintain your spa.

Use a Dry Erase board to keep track of the Schedule – using a sign in your living room or kitchen is a great way to remind yourself of what you need to do next in order to keep your spa healthy and functioning seamlessly.

Great spa water is easily achieved when the right chemicals are used and a Clear Water Plan is implemented. The key to clean, clear, safe water is to fully understand how spa water reacts to users, operation and chemicals. This Clear Water Plan will help give you everything you need to know. For a full in-depth downloadable Cal Spas Clear Water Plan document  click here 

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