Efficient Spa Heaters

Efficient Spa Heaters

Cal Spas hot tubs are engineered to heat your hot tub efficiently through the use of our state-of-art hot tub heaters, which transfer the maximum amount of heat directly to the spa water.

Exclusive 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™
The 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™ is the most dependable, longest-lasting hot tub heater in the industry. From the moment water enters the heating chamber, warmth is immediately transferred from the XL Heat Exchanger’s patented design. Instead of immersing heating coils in the spa water, the heating element is coiled around a stainless tube that never comes into contact with water and prevents turbulence and chemical corrosion.

Additionally, the oversized surface area of the heating chamber means more water can be heated faster than heating chambers of standard spa heaters. Lastly, our high-density full-foam insulation drives heat directly into the spa water instead of dispersing the heat into the air, which reduces operating costs and increasing efficiency. Unlike standard heaters.

WhisperHot™ 5.5 kW Heater
This advanced 5.5 kW heater is designed to perform. Developed with your comfort in mind, the WhisperHot™ 5.5 kW Heater runs whisper-quiet so all you hear are sighs of ultimate relaxation.

Friction Heat
The Cal Spas Friction Heat generates heat through friction by pumping water through a baffle system. Friction Heat automatically heats whenever the hot tub pump circulates – reducing the need to run additionally electrical heat.

For additional information on Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

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