Embrace Your Aquatic Workout with Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™

Embrace Your Aquatic Workout with Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™

Reach Peak Performance with Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™

Much more than just a home spa, Cal Spas Swim-Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas offer you access to a complete aquatic exercise regimen without ever stepping foot in a health club or public pool. Expertly engineered to provide a customizable, smooth current that is customizable to your swim speed and ability, the Swim-Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spa also offers a menu of optional training accessories to help you target specific major muscle groups.

Many of us love swimming, so it’s a shame what kind of obstacles we need to endure to reach the water. Traffic jams, poorly organized schedules, awkward lane times —all to fumble in a crowded pool that’s often over-chlorinated, poorly lit, and loud. When you choose a Swim Spa from Cal Spas, the barriers in the way of you and a private aquatic exercise regimen disappear when you have your own place to swim right at your home.

The Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™ Swim System allows swimmers to adjust the swim resistance through all of the swim jets simultaneously. The Pro-Trainer system provides swimmers equally balanced swim resistance, from a gentle low resistance aquatic workout all the way up to an aggressive swim pace —so you can gain all the health benefits of a daily swim regardless of your skill level. And since every Cal Spas Swim Spa doubles as a hot tub complete with soothing jets, you can also use your Cal Spas tub to entertain friends and family long after your workout is over.

For athletes looking to elevate their swimming and fitness experience right in the comforts of their own backyard, Cal Spas has designed the Pro-Trainer™ swim system with “Swim Pro Workout” technology. With the push of a button, the program automatically increases or decreases jet speed in timed increments, giving you an optimized treadmill-like swimming experience, giving you and your muscles all the benefits of a variant training session. Whether you choose a gentle, low-resistance workout or an aggressive pace, “Swim Pro Workout” is like having your own private swim coach right at home.

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