Experience First-Class Hydrotherapy

Experience First-Class Hydrotherapy

At Cal Spas, it is our commitment to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience right in the comfort of your own home. Our hot tubs allow you to escape from the stresses of everyday life by providing you with day spa quality massages. When it comes to treating sore, tired muscles our strategically placed jets produce energized streams of rhythmic pressure that instantly reduce stress.

Cal Spas hot tubs feature several jet configurations to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. In many of our models, you can target different stress areas of your body by simply moving from seat to seat. Best of all, Cal Spas hot tubs offer a wide range of shoulder and neck massage options that provide relaxation like you have never experienced before.

Neck Jets
Two jets target stress points on either side of the neck.

Neck Blasters
These three jets target the base of the neck and provide a penetrating massage.

Quad Blasters
These four jets provide unparalleled rehabilitation for the neck and shoulders. It’s like having your own personal, on-demand masseuse. While you receive the massage of your dreams, you can rest your head on a comfortable custom spa pillow.

Spacious Footwell
Cal Spas understands that taking care of your lower body is just as important as your upper body. That’s why Cal Spas hot tubs feature spacious and textured footwells with innovative designs, Tactile Therapy Bumps and dome jets that target your sore, tired feet.

For more information on Cal Spas hot tubs, visit: http://www.calspas.com/

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