Hot Tub 101: Portable Spa Delivery Guide

Hot Tub 101: Portable Spa Delivery Guide

If you have just ordered your very own Cal Spas hot tub, then it is extremely important to have several things in order and ready for your spa delivery and installation. We are going to tell you about some things to consider, but make sure you check out this Cal Spa’s Portable Spa Pre-Delivery Guide for more detailed instructions and information!

First: Locating Your Spa

You must start by choosing the best location for your spa. Consider things like safety, personal privacy, how you will be using your spa, what the environment and weather is like, the view from your spa, and the allowance for service access. All of these factors will contribute to finding the most ideal location for your spa!

Second: Getting the Spa into Your Yard

Check the dimensions of your new spa and plan your delivery route. You can check your spa dimensions on page 20 of this guide. Then use these dimensions to compare with the width of gates, sidewalks, and doorways along the delivery route. Make sure to check measurements of any 90° turns to ensure that the spa fits! Contact your Cal Spas dealer and they will be happy to assist you with any special arrangements that may be necessary.

Third: Preparing a Good Foundation

A solid and level foundation is a must for your spa. Pavers, gravel, brick, sand, timbers, or dirt are not adequate foundations, as they can cause stress and damage to your spa shell and finish.

Instead, we recommend that a qualified, licensed contractor prepares the foundation for your spa to be sure that it can support the weight of the spa with water and its occupants.

Fourth: Clearance for Service Access

While you are planning where to locate your spa it is crucial that you consider how much access you will need for service. All spa models require at least three feet access to the front of the spa for periodic service, and some of our spas require clearance in both the front and back. Consult the image below to find out the requirements for your spa model:

Fifth: Electrical Service Stub-Up

Every spa owner needs to decide where to place the electrical service cable. The stub-up needs to be located directly next to the cabinet, as show in the figure below. The spa installer or electrician will need to drill a hole in the spa approximately 5″-10″ up from the concrete slab. This will be where the conduit will enter the spa equipment area. Use rigid pipe and a metal elbow outside the spa. You can use flex pipe inside the equipment area to run the
electrical wire from the elbow to the control box.

Sixth: Electrical Requirements

Check out page 7 of the pre-delivery guide to find detailed instructions on the only acceptable electrical wiring procedure. This is extremely important because spas wired in any other way may result in serious injury.

Once you have completed all of these steps, your spa will be ready for delivery, use, and pure enjoyment!

For additional information on Cal Spas’ Hot Tubs, please visit: or Call 1-800-CAL-SPAS

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