Introducing the Escape-867

Introducing the Escape-867

We are always asking ourselves, how do we give you the best hydrotherapy experience? Our spas are custom made to fit your body. We have thought of all the tools
and necessities for you to feel new again. With that being said, our
Escape™ series added a new model to the list!

Escape-867 comes in a Lounge or Bench style. The main difference between the
EC-867L and EC-867B is the seating. EC-867L can sit up to six people and one of those seats is a lounge chair. This means one person can lay back and put their feet up.
The EC-867B can sit up to seven people because it is all bench seating.

Both spas offer Premium underwater LED Lighting Package. This will boost your spa experience with a visual array of LED lights throughout the spa. You can change the spa
to any color you like! For extra support, the Escape-867 comes with our Thermo-Guard™ technology. This helps lock in all plumbing and adds extra layers for protection. If the spa gets a little too hot, the Escape-867 comes with a cool off seat. The seat is more elevated than the others so you have a comfortable place to take a break from the heat.

We offer premium options for the Escape-867. First, let’s talk about the Adjustable Therapy System™ (ATS). This allows you to personalize your massage with seven pressure levels. Another great tool we offer is The Aquatic Air Therapy™ (AAT) option.
If you suffer from sore muscles then the AAT is the feature you want. You can also choose to add in our Freedom™ Sound System. Rock out to loud music, or if you are like me,
put on relaxing music to stimulate the mind. Of course, we cannot forget about
C-Light™ LED Cabinet Corner Lighting, this will enhance the look to any area of your house.

Soak up the night after a long day or enjoy your spa on the weekends with your closest friends. Either way, everyone you know will enjoy spending time in this hot tub.

For more information about Cal Spas hot tubs please visit the Cal Spas website, or locate a certified dealer in your area.

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