Let’s talk about HYDROTHERAPY and your HOT TUB…

Let’s talk about HYDROTHERAPY and your HOT TUB…

Warm water immersion is therapy and is a known treatment to improve many ailments in promoting overall wellness.

Hot tubs can provide:

  • Pain Relief
    • Helps to relieve chronic pain and sore muscles
  • Better Circulation
    • In addition to providing a healthy glow, it reduces symptoms for individuals with improper leg circulation.
  • Healthier Heart Functions
    • Exercise tolerance increases significantly with those who experience health conditions, limiting their abilities to exercise.
  • Glowing & Improved Skin
    • Improve circulation leading to healthy, glowing appearance

To summarize, hot tubs are typically viewed as a source of pleasure and fun, and its health advantages are not typically recognized. However, hot tubs do provide more than the satisfaction of relaxation. The temperature and water jets deliver an experience that have the potential to improve many health disorders. Soaking in the hot water, raises the body temperature and increases circulation and “floating” in the spa, will reduce body weight up to 90%, which will relieve pressure on the joints and muscles.
It is noteworthy that people with type 2 diabetes issues and poor blood circulation, as well as aches and pains, have turned to hydrotherapy, and the use of hot tubs to better their conditions. Sitting in a hot tub dilates blood vessels, potentially reduces blood sugar levels, and provides relief for various pains.

Here at Cal Spas, we would be happy to assist and educate you further about the benefits of our hot tubs and hydrotherapy. Our experts will be able to help you choose the right spa for your requirements. Let’s see how Cal Spas can help  you change your overall wellness!

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