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Cabinets Understanding what CAL SPAS™ DEALER CONNECTION can offer you

Understanding what CAL SPAS™ DEALER CONNECTION can offer you

What is DEALER CONNECT? Essentially, it’s our system to communicate information to our Dealers.  Here, we will explain the benefits it can bring to you and to help you understand how the portal can increase your orders with accuracy and overall improve customer experience all from one easy-to-use platform. Accessibility– Our online portal is available …

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Cabinets Download The Cal Spas App Collection

Download The Cal Spas App Collection

The Cal Spas app is a tool used by dealers to showcase updated listings and manuals. It also offers helpful troubleshooting guides to help Cal Spas hot tub owners.

New Releases Kona PPZ-534L Mold Release

Kona PPZ-534L Mold Release

With a footprint of 64”x84”x34” the Kona PPZ-534L is the perfect private oasis that can fit in any niche on the patio. Holding up to 130 gallons of water using 240V and one 6-brake horsepower pump the Kona PPZ-534L operates with the perfect amount of pressure. Coming standard with the Kona PPZ-534L is 33 Candy …

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New Releases New Kona, New Mold, New Model

New Kona, New Mold, New Model

Using cutting-edge components and thoughtful decisions we have re-designed the Kona to be the best 4-person hot tub on the market today. Our latest and greatest innovation has been released. Introducing the Kona! A post shared by Cal Spas (@calspashomeresort) on Apr 19, 2018 at 9:47am PDT Including a full-size lounger, and two full-size bench …

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New Releases Introducing the Fitness-Pro 1537

Introducing the Fitness-Pro 1537

Our latest innovation is your solution for a healthier lifestyle. Introducing the Fitness-Pro-1537 including a sterling silver acrylic shell with 33 Exclusive Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets and 4 Swim Jets. Your limit is your endurance with the Pro-TrainerTM, customize your work out by setting the resistance from 1% to 100% and anywhere in-between. Program …

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New Releases Download our New App Today!

Download our New App Today!

Everything you need just got that much closer to your fingertips. From the product guide to the dealer connection, we just made life that much easier. Easily navigate your way through any question you have or resource that you may need. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. iPhone, iPad HOME TAB: When the home tab …

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New Releases Introducing the Escape-867

Introducing the Escape-867

We are always asking ourselves, how do we give you the best hydrotherapy experience? Our spas are custom made to fit your body. We have thought of all the tools and necessities for you to feel new again. With that being said, our Escape™ series added a new model to the list! Escape-867 comes in …

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Entertainment Cal Spas Introduces U-Pack™

Cal Spas Introduces U-Pack™

CAL SPAS INTRODUCES U-PACK™ Cal Spas allows you to customize and personalize your relaxation. Choose from 10 hydro-therapy U-Packs of your choice. U-PACK™ HYDRO-THERAPY SYSTEM (Available on Platinum™ Plus Series.) The U-PACK™ Hydro-Therapy System is a revolutionary way to ensure that your spa experience is personalized just for you. Each U-PACK™ is designed to provide a unique …

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Cabinets Surround Yourself with Luxury!

Surround Yourself with Luxury!

Transform Your Patio into a Spa Resort and Save 20% on your Purchase! Instantly add an elegant touch to any hot tub environment with Cal Metro Surrounds. Cal Metro Surrounds offers independent, movable components which can be used to create different hot tub decor options. Choose the color that best compliments your patio: Mahogany, Mist, or …

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