Hot Tubs today are made up of many different components which all work together in order to have the spa run smoothly. Over time, parts do wear and will require replacement parts. No need to worry…Cal Spas is prepared to help with almost any imaginable spa part you might be looking for.

You can rest-assured, whether you need a main replacement part like a pump or a heater, or are in search for small items like a gasket or an O-ring seal, Cal Spas will have them in supply and will be ready to ship to you. Electrical components such as control systems and feature items for lighting elements, spa circuit boards or spa entertainment for stereo and TV components as well as speakers are available if you want to upgrade or replace parts on your hot tub.

You can find all of the parts you need here:  https://www.quickspaparts.com/spa-parts.aspx

*Always consider using a licensed electrician or certified spa technician for secure installation.

The finest aromatherapy for your hot tub is available here:  https://www.quickspaparts.com/product/1041/aroma-therapy.aspx So, transport yourself into a relaxing getaway while creating a rich and soothing spa experience for total hot water enjoyment!

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Please visit www.calspas.com for your consideration.


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