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The BEST Kept Secret to Keeping your Hot Tub in GREAT Condition

The BEST Kept Secret to Keeping your Hot Tub in GREAT Condition

Coming home after a long day at work and soaking in your hot tub is one of the BEST ways you can end your day. 

And after every long and stressful work day, we want you to be able to turn on your hot tub and soak away your miseries without ever having to worry about whether you’re getting into a dirty hot tub.

I mean what’s better than getting a deep tissue massage while watching your football team win?

But every time you, your family or your friends get into your hot tub — make-up, lotion, hair products, and body oil muck up the water.

  1. So before you or anyone else gets into your hot tub, try showering to remove any unwanted residue.

For this reason, your filter is the best kept secret to keeping your hot tub maintenance low, your wallets untouched, your water clean and bacteria free, and your hot tub damages minimal. 

Believe it or not, excessively dirty water can overwork and eventually exhaust your hot tub pump. 

So how do you clean your hot tub filter?

There are several ways to clean your filter weekly & monthly.

Learn how to clean your hot tub filter in phases. Here are monthly and weekly cleaning tips.

Hot Tub Filter Weekly Rinses:

Weekly rinses require consistency. Take your filter out of the hot tub and thoroughly spray your hot tub filter down with clean water. Spread and rinse each filter’s pleat to clean in between as well. 

We wouldn’t advise you to use a high pressure hose or washer, simply wash each pleat gently to prevent tearing. Then let your filter dry completely before placing it back into your hot tub.

Monthly Deep Cleanses:

To efficiently clean your filters, we would advise you to use a cleaning chemical or solution to thoroughly remove build up that has been left behind after your rinse.

Try using one of our Leisure Time Renew cleaners on 

Simply pour this mixture into your hot tub to eliminate odors, contaminants, and clear cloudy water or even better, completely submerge your filter in clean water and pour a cleaning chemical that’s specifically made to clean filters. 

Learn how to clean your hot tub filter in phases. Here are monthly and weekly cleaning tips.

Rinse your filter one more time and then allow your filter to completely dry before placing it back into your hot tub.

Checking your Hot Tub’s Filter

Check your filter for tears or discoloration, if there is evidence of damage or discoloration, dispose the filter entirely and replace it with a new one.  

If once replacing your filter, your hot tub water gets cloudy you may want to consider the Leisure Time Bright Clear solution.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to clean the interior of your hot tub read our article here.

Let us know in the comments, whether this method worked for you? 

To read a manual specific to your Cal Spas model click here.

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