Swim Off Those Extra Summer Pounds!

Swim Off Those Extra Summer Pounds!

Backyard BBQs, beach parties, and vacations are some of the many things we love about summer. What we don’t love is those extra pounds that seem to find their way to our scales at summer’s end. Fortunately, Cal Spas has just what you need to lose those unexpected, unnecessary extra pounds.

Cal Spas offers five types of swim and fitness spas – known as the Ultimate Fitness™ series – for every fitness level, from beginner to health enthusiast to the professional athlete. With these fitness spas, you have the convenience of a complete aquatic gym right in your very own backyard.

The Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas are designed to provide the best aquatic workout, such as treadmill swimming and strength training, while delivering unsurpassed results and health benefits.

Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas come in many sizes and configurations, and all models include attachment points for available exercise bands. The fitness spas are designed to help you put your health first by making aquatic exercise fun and effective so that you will see the results – and feel the difference in your everyday life!

For additional information on Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas or other Cal Spas products, please visit: www.calspas.com


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