World-Class Hydrotherapy

World-Class Hydrotherapy

The Fountain of Youth™ spa by Cal Spas offers four hydrotherapy options for the ultimate spa experience.

Warm Water Hydrotherapy
Soaking in warm water stimulates the contact and temperature receptors located on the surface of your skin, which promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Fountain of Youth Hydrotherapy
The Fountain of Youth saturates the spa water with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, increasing the levels in the spa by up to 70%. This anti-aging technology moisturizes and cleanses your body with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, leaving your skin feeling clean and silky smooth.

Air Jet Hydrotherapy
Air jet hydrotherapy engages the light-touch receptors just below the surface of your skin and promotes circulation and relaxation.

Spa Jet Hydrotherapy
Spa jet hydrotherapy results in a true physiological change to your body by engaging the pressure receptors located deep in muscle tissue of your body. This relieves tight and stressed muscles, promoting tissue rejuvenation.

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