Hot Tub Product Warranty Registration

Cal Spas is the #1 Hot Tub Manufacturer with leading-edge design and patented technology. We take pride in supporting you and helping take care of any issue that may arise.

When you are buying a brand new spa it is the best choice to register your new Cal Spas Hot Tub immediately. To find out what is under the warranty, we recommend you view the owner’s manual to see what the warranty applies for your spa model. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you can find a digital copy online here.

Registering your new Cal Spas product is quick and easy. By taking just a few quick minutes to register you can have more efficient support and quicker service.

First, you must locate the product serial number: The serial number of your spa is located on a metal plate attached to the inside of the door for the equipment area.

You will need this number to properly register your spa and activate coverage. Write this information and keep it in a safe spot for future use:

Second, go to the Cal Spas website and fill in your information then click “Send Warranty Info to submit.

After you submit your information then email original contract to 

Following these steps will make things so much easier when a problem arises. We will be able to help you faster to take the proper steps to get your hydrotherapy sessions back and better than ever.

Cal Spas welcomes you into the Family! Cal Spas stands behind our product and we strive to give you the best hydrotherapy experience possible. We sincerely hope you enjoy your new hot tub. If you have questions please call customer service at 1-800-Cal-Spas or email

Benefits of Using Hot Water and Hydrotherapy to Heal Your Body

When our heart rate goes up, our hearts pump faster to pump more blood per stroke in order to transport needed oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Doing light exercises in hot water will heal you because healing begins when blood flow increases on the injured location.

Immersion increases circulation – When you are in the water, your heart pumps faster, your BPM increases. Therefore, your heart is pumping harder and your circulation will increase. Your arteries and veins dilate to carry more blood. Please check with your doctor if you have high blood pressure. 

Water relieves pressure on our body – When your body is soaking in hot water, dopamine is released which causes immediate relaxation. Soaking in hot water is a healthy way to cope because it will also relieve anxiety, stress, pain, and fatigue.

The buoyancy of the water reduces the amount of weight we bear on our joints due to gravity – Take off the pressure and regroup your mind and body by floating in the water and moving around slowly. Close your eyes and dream or even meditate about the pleasures that life has to offer. 

Increase flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion – Stretching in hot water (hot tub yoga) is a great way to build your core strength. Stretching in hot water will also remove the lactic acid build up in the muscles that cause your muscles to be sore. Drink water after you stretch to help remove the toxins in your body.

Immersing in a Cal Spas Hot Tub will ultimately allow you to heal. Wind down from a long day and rest your mind and body. Treat yourself every evening. Easily adjust your mindset to be more positive considering you are more relaxed. Reconnect with your friends and family. Soaking in a Cal Spas Hot Tub is a healthy habit that can heal and relax you.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy a Hot Tub

Before you buy a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa it is important to understand what goes into the process. Key factors are location, electricity, budget, warranty, the right spa, and finding the right dealer. Here is a guide to consider before you buy:

Choose a location

  • A leveled foundation is crucial – Cement with minimum 4.5 inches THICK is recommended.
  • Walkway to the spa is advised for easy and safe access in and out of the spa. Also, it will help keep your spa clean from dirt and debris when you enter the spa.
  • Access for delivery is a must when placing a spa. Using a spa delivery service is recommended. In some cases, you may need to use a crane to get your spa or swim spa into your backyard.
  • Make room for drainage. Depending on how often you use your spa we recommend you change your spa water every 2-4 months.
  • If you decide to put your spa indoors choose a space with proper ventilation.

Consult an Electrician

  • A licensed electrician is advised to consult your backyard and see what is needed to safely set up your spa.
  • Check if your electric box will handle the usage of volts. Hot Tubs can take 120V or 240V depending on the spa.

Create your budget

  • Luxury requires constant maintenance; therefore it is good to keep in mind the upcoming factors you need to consider before purchasing a spa.
  • To keep the spa hot, it will take more electricity, to heat your spa. Check with your local city to see how the usage will affect your electric bill.
  • Is it best to finance or pay cash? Cal Spas offers a spa for each lifestyle at every price point. Cal Spas makes it affordable and budget-friendly for you to create your backyard oasis. If you finance, do your research and find the best lender for your decision.

Choose the Right Spa

To find the best spa for you refer to our infographic here. Depending if you want your spa for therapy, family, or fitness we have choices for everyone.

Extra things you need for safety and to protect your spa:

Spa Surrounds – allows easier access in and outside the spa. You can also customize your backyard oasis by using the different the pieces to create your own private living space.

Pro-lift Cover Lift – Through the seasons it is best to keep your spa covered and protected from outdoor elements. It is a good idea to invest in a good and easy to use spa cover because it is crucial for spa maintenance.

Register your spa

To use your warranty you need to register your spa. Please click here. If you need to register your Cal Spa hot tub.

Find a local Cal Spas Dealer here

How to Clean Your Hot Tub | Cal Spas

Once you place your Cal Spas Hot Tub in your backyard oasis it is up to you to maintain the spa to keep it in great condition. Here are the steps to show you how to properly maintain your spa with ease.

Keep Your Spa Covered Daily

Keep Your Spa Covered- Keep your hot tub cover on after each use. Covered spas will use less electricity in maintaining your set temperature. Covering your spa will protect your spa’s finish from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You are required to keep the spa covered to maintain warranty coverage. Covering your spa helps prevent children from drowning.

See the manual enclosed with your cover for instructions on mounting the locks and how to lock and unlock the cover.

In addition, while the spa cover is rigid, it is not designed to support any weight. Therefore, as a safety precaution and to preserve the life of your cover, you must not sit, stand, or lie on it, nor should you place objects of any kind on top of it

Check the water temperature and adjust as necessary – If you notice extreme changes in the temperature, it could indicate a system issue.

Check for damage to the cover and spa – Staying aware of your spa is key to keeping your spa in great condition.

Weekly and before each use

Test the Spa Water – You can use Reagent Test Kits, which is a method that provides a high level of accuracy. It is available in Liquid form or Tablet form. Another option is Test Strips, which is convenient and common for spa holders. You want to balance the total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and the pH.

For more details on maintaining spa water click here.

Keep the spa clean by wiping down any debris – you want to keep clear of anything that will cause contamination

Every 2 – 4 months

Change water – If you use your spa often, change the spa water every two months. If you occasionally use your spa water, change it every 4 months.

Click on the links below for in-depth instructions:

Drain your spa

Clean the filter

Refill your spa with fresh water

Once a year

Replace your filter – We recommend you replace your filter about once a year, depending on your spa usage and bather load. Before you place a new filter in your spa, make sure you remove the plastic wrapper. Soak the filter a minimum of 24 hours before you insert it in the filter well.

Never use a filter too small for your spa’s water capacity!

If you need a replacement filter visit

Clean your Hot Tub Cabinet – Keep your panels wiped down and clean for the outdoors. Check for cosmetic or structural damage in case you need to maintain the panels.

If you go on Vacation

  1. Set the spa to Sleep Mode. (See your owner’s manual for changing modes.)
  2. Adjust the pH. Click Here For More Information
  3. Shock the water (add either chlorine or bromine sanitizer.
  4. When you return, check and adjust the pH and shock the water.
  5. If you will not be using your spa for longer than 14 days and a spa maintenance service is not available, we strongly recommend you drain or winterize your spa.

ALWAYS lock your cover using the cover locks if you plan to be away from home and the spa is filled with water.

Plan your Maintenance

Use a Reminder App and Set Reminders – it is always helpful to keep track using your phone. This way everything is at your fingertips.

Use a Tangible or Digital Calendar – keeping a calendar to remind yourself exactly what happened the last time you checked your spa. This way you can get a clear understanding of the patterns and what to expect throughout the years as you maintain your spa.

Use a Dry Erase board to keep track of the Schedule – using a sign in your living room or kitchen is a great way to remind yourself of what you need to do next in order to keep your spa healthy and functioning seamlessly.

Great spa water is easily achieved when the right chemicals are used and a Clear Water Plan is implemented. The key to clean, clear, safe water is to fully understand how spa water reacts to users, operation and chemicals. This Clear Water Plan will help give you everything you need to know. For a full in-depth downloadable Cal Spas Clear Water Plan document  click here 

Leaves are Falling and Cal Spas is Calling

The cool off-season is upon us and we could not be more excited. Owning a Cal Spas Hot Tub will enhance your life this holiday season by bringing warmth to your backyard oasis. Fall is the season where you gather next to the heat and drink hot cocoa and eat delicious sugary desert. It is also the season of gathering and events. Let the party continue all season long with Cal Spas!

So you may ask, how does Fall enhance my hot tub?

Entertain Guests in Style
A great way to create memorable activities is to create a focal point on spending time together in your Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa. Turn on the C-Light, set up your favorite playlist, add aromatherapy, and create the best night for your friends and family to truly enjoy outside.

Relieve Holiday Stress

Planning parties and getting ready for holiday festivities are always stressful, but yet super fun. A great way to unwind from festivities is having your friends and family unwind with you in a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa. Even better, when the party is over you are able to escape into your outdoor oasis and rejuvenate for the next day.

Winterize your Hot Tub Winterizing your spa for the season draining it, cleaning it, and protecting it from the effects of freezing weather can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure. In many cases, it’s better for the health of your hot tub to keep it running. Your spa will not freeze overnight unless the water stops circulating and you live in -30° F. If your spa looses power, and assuming there is a cover with reasonable insulation, you will have at least a few days before water starts to freeze. In fact, keeping up your spa maintenance in winter has special advantages; follow a few tips to keep your spa in prime condition. Here are 5 maintenance tips to keep you up to date and your spa running smoothing all winter long.

  1. Invest in a Good Cover.
  2. Keep the Water Clean.
  3. Monitor the Water Level.
  4. Turn Down the Jets.
  5. Change Your Water Early.



Join Cal Spas at the L.A. County Fair!

The only time of the year YOU can save money when BUYING DIRECT! Cal Spas is your local Manufacturer based in Pomona California and we are excited to announce our 40th year at the Annual L.A. County Fair, the stomping grounds of Cal Spas!

Join the Cal Spas tradition! Since its inception in 1978, it has been an honor for Cal Spas to partner with the Los Angeles County Fair Association for 40 YEARS STRONG!

This important community event is not only a wonderful way to display our products to the local community, but it also gives us an opportunity to get out and greet our neighbors as they enjoy the festivities. “Cal Spas is a local manufacturer and we look forward to participating in this great event each year. The L.A. County Fair brings out over a million California residents for a time of celebration and we are excited about once again displaying our hot tubs and swim spas to our local community,” said Casey Loyd, President of Cal Spas.

This year Cal Spas will introduce our top-of-the-line 2019 line-up that you can only find at the L.A. County Fair. We will be bringing out new Spas and Swim Spas. Additionally, come see our exclusive features that you will see at the fair. Get an up-close experience with Cal Spas! This is the only time of the year we will be selling directly to the public.

Step in our booth by finding the familiar bright blue Cal Spas logo will surround the exhibition area and welcome visitors into one of the largest product displays at the L.A. County Fair. For additional information about the fair visit:



Benefits of Owning a Private Spa | Cal Spas #1 Manufacturer

Cal Spas offers luxury products for you to keep for many years. With proper maintenance and protection, you are bound to sustain your private oasis. So what really is the advantage of having your own spa?

First, it’s the privacy! For years and years, you have dreamt of creating a sanctuary where you can come home after a long day and feel like you are in your own element. Having a place to escape in a healthy manner is your ticket to a better lifestyle. Massaging your all your senses by spending time in fresh air and nature. Allowing yourself to immerse in a warm tub with a blanket of bubbles hugging your body is the ultimate goal.

Second, we are the #1 hydrotherapy manufacturer. We pay attention to all the details to make sure we give you the purest experience. By using hydrotherapy to decompress, you are improving your blood circulation, relieving pain, and reducing anxiety. Rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul will cause you to be happier and think more clearly ultimately benefiting your lifestyle.

Third, our jets are unsurpassed! Cal Spas exclusive Velocity Jets and Candy Cane Jets will target soft tissue and deep tissue muscles. By owning a Cal Spas Hot Tub you are not settling for basic jets that burst out water, we got the hydrotherapy jets down to a science.

Here is a display of the Veranda 422B, our spa comes ready to use with a plug n play kit. This convenient kit reduces installation costs since you can simply plug in your spa and soak – saving you money! With a plug n play spa, you eliminate a technician, as the tub comes with a simple 3-prong 110v cord that can plug into any outlet. Additionally, a plug and play hot tub is not hard-wired into a permanent outside box. Which makes it easier to take with you if you decide to move. The Veranda can be indoor or outdoor depending on your set up. Fits up to 2 people and is ideal for empty nesters.

Here are some reasons to stay away from Public Spas:

Recreational water illnesses (RWI) are not uncommon problems: They can happen in the ocean, in local swimming holes, in public pools, and yes, even in hot tubs. Always bathe with soap after you use a public swimming area.

Weird smell in the air: Try the sniff test. If the water has a weird smell, do not go in. This is a sign they are not properly taking care of their water.

Excessive foam: If mounds of foam are still floating on the water when the jets are turned off, don’t get in. That means the water hasn’t been filtered correctly and probably needs sanitizing.

Bio-film: If you notice a strange odor, cloudy water, slime, floating debris, the hot tub is contaminated. Regular sanitizers will not help, and this means the pipes and filter needs to be checked and solved.

Thick Water: Skin lotion, sunscreen, hair products, and sweat deplete chlorine levels in any body of water. Then there’s the potential of other contaminants, like urine bathers secretly release (which they incorrectly assume is harmless). All of these contaminants can rob chlorine of its potency, while not infectious; can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.

Public Spas have the potential to not be safe but its best to pay attention and make the best choice for you.

Best time to buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa | Cal Spas

The best time to invest in a Cal Spas product such as Hot Tub or Swim Spa is during dealer home shows. When you buy at a state fair or home show you get the opportunity to buy direct. This means price cuts that you will not see any other time of the year. Major savings, because it is a huge event! Keep your eye on your local dealer events.

Cal Spas is GLOBAL! Check our website for upcoming events here.

Cal Spas at the L.A. County Fair

Buying direct during State Fairs saves you money! This is the best time to invest in your brand new Cal Spas hot tub because this is the most exciting time of the year for dealers. When show season starts, the world stops, and production begins! This is a huge event for dealers to bring everything they got to the table and introduce themselves to the community. This benefits you because you can see the best of the best with a wide variety of models with the lowest prices supporting your Local Cal Spas Dealer.

Cal Spas at the L.A County Fair

Get to know your local dealers by stepping inside! The local dealers are there for you to guide you through the process of what hot tub is best for you, what features fit your needs, and the financing process. Additionally, the dealers will follow up with you after purchase to make sure you are happy and everything is going smooth.

Cal Spas at the Minnesota State Fair

Be part of the community! It is exciting to bring your family to the fair and making a special day of it. Supporting local vendors is the best thing you can do for your community and when you go to the fair a connection is made. It is a positive place to go with your family to dream of new exciting adventures such as investing in your own private oasis filled with luxury. Your whole family will benefit from Cal Spas by relieving stress through hydrotherapy.

Cal Spas at the L.A. County Fair

Experience a wide selection of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas! Going to the fair gives you more access to the latest line up and new exclusive features. You can guarantee that it is the best choice to learn and experience Cal Spas for what it is at a state fair with your local dealer. Furthermore, they will guide you through customizing your hot tub with features that you love!



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Make your dream come true! The most exciting time in one’s life is pursuing a dream they always had… creating a true backyard living space where you can go escape and decompress your muscles after a long day will change your life. Not only will you feel better and make better decisions, you can spend more time with friends and family in a Cal Spas hot tub.

Find the Right Cal Spas Hot Tub For You! (infographic)

Interested in a Cal Spas Hot Tub for your living space? Follow this guide and get exactly what you need to fit your lifestyle.

How Does Exercise Improve Your Overall Health?

When it comes to exercising your body and living a healthy lifestyle it is important to understand how it is affecting our bodies. When we start doing cardio and building muscle strength we immediately feel the difference. Here are some of the things that happen to your body when you start your daily regimen.

  • Improve oxygen flow to the brain
  • Activates your brain
  • Heart rate and blood pressure lowers
  • Decrease risk of disease
  • Gain more energy

After one day your brain triggers a flight or fight response. “Your blood flow to your brain increases, making you more alert, more aware and more awake,” Professor Newton says. Furthermore, “That lovely hormone epinephrine is released, which makes you more motivated, it blocks pain and makes you smarter immediately.” He also talks about your body going into repair mode because it is not used to working those muscles.

The first day you work out, you want to listen to your body and not push yourself. The reason is that you do not want to be discouraged and feel you can’t do it when you can. After the first day, your body will build tolerance so each session you can push a little harder.

After one week your cells start to rejuvenate and you feel more energy. Taking care of your cells is like drinking the fountain of youth! The more you stay in a constant routine the more you will completely transform your overall health.

After one month you will notice physical changes in your muscles. Your metabolism will start to pick up and as you sleep you will burn more energy. Life will become easier because you are stronger, therefore, you can do more for yourself. This is what we call superhero training.


Swim the endless current at advanced levels using the Jet System II. When your cardio work out is complete, you can keep going using our complete aquatic workout. Feel the jets on your back, legs, and feet as you do bicep building exercises. When your workout is complete, massage your muscles using the precisely positioned water jets in our captain seats.

After six months you will have so much self-confidence because you will ultimately feel and see the difference. Believe it or not, when you have the self-discipline you create self-love, which will make your heart literally grow bigger. When you work out for at least half a year, you reduce the risk of heart attack. Your resting heart rate will be lowered, and your heart will be able to pump your blood more strongly.

After one year your bone density will increase which means your risk of fracture is minimum! Your self-esteem will rise while anxiety disappears. Oh, and say hello to good mental health. Woo-hoo!

Exercising is the best type of habit to get into. Replace the bad ones with good ones! It all starts with you and a Cal Spas Fitness Swim Spa!

F1222- Our more shallow swim spa is Ideal for the beginner level of fitness. With one swim spa river jet, you are able to build strength by swimming, walking or jogging in place. For a complete aquatic work out, you can set up the fitness handle bar and anchors for bicep building exercises.