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Kona PPZ-534L Mold Release

With a footprint of 64”x84”x34” the Kona PPZ-534L is the perfect private oasis that can fit in any niche on the patio. Holding up to 130 gallons of water using 240V and one 6-brake horsepower pump the Kona PPZ-534L operates with the perfect amount of pressure.

Kona Patio Plus 534L

Coming standard with the Kona PPZ-534L is 33 Candy Cane jets that you cannot find anywhere else in the industry. To create the most perfect tranquility two hydro streamers are included. Each seat comes with a Cal Spas Y-Pillow for the ultimate relaxation experience.


When the sun goes down, the spa will have a wide array of LED options to light up the night. Multi-Color LED light comes with a selection of colors and color modes to light up your Spa! You can easily power the lights by using our intuitive Oval Control panel. Easily adjust your jet options, filter cycles, and so much more with the Cal Spas Oval Control.


Using a 5.5Kw Titanium heater this spa is bound to stay the perfect temperature with the WhisperHotTM Heating System. Choose between 3 colors (Mahogany, Smoke, & Mist) for the Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame and choose between 2 colors (Gray or Slate) for the spa color.

Kona Patio Plus 534L

If you would like to fully customize the Kona PPZ-534L to more exclusive Cal Spa features please reach out to your regional sales representative.

New Kona, New Mold, New Model

Using cutting-edge components and thoughtful decisions we have re-designed the Kona to be the best 4-person hot tub on the market today.

Our latest and greatest innovation has been released. Introducing the Kona!

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Kona PZ-524L

Including a full-size lounger, and two full-size bench seats that form to fit all body shapes and sizes. With the Kona, we have created a larger footwell for more space for comfort. As a result,

Kona PPZ-534L

you will find new foot jets. When your spa session becomes too hot, reboot yourself in our Kool-Off seat. Cal Spas Kool-Off seat is elevated so you can take a breather but still be in the tub.

Using exclusive Candy Cane Jets you will find new enhanced jet mix and placement that gives you a directional deep tissue massage. Rest your arms on one of our captain seats, and on the Patio Plus Kona, feel the hand jets rejuvenate your arms.

Turn up your night by adding optional features to your Kona! Now available is our FreedomTM Sound System Bluetooth, powered subwoofer, and four speakers. Additionally, add a C-LightTM to the front cabinets to illuminate your backyard. A good option you may want to consider is the 24-hour filtration system, this circulation pump constantly and quietly heats the water, continuously filters heated water, and saves energy by minimizing pump operation.

Giving you the same footprint as the last Kona with a larger interior!
Easily get the Kona in and out of your home considering the profile is shorter leaving it at a whopping 32”. With a new shorter profile, you can enter and exit the spa with ease.

Introducing the Fitness-Pro 1537

Our latest innovation is your solution for a healthier lifestyle. Introducing the Fitness-Pro-1537 including a sterling silver acrylic shell with 33 Exclusive Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets and 4 Swim Jets.

Your limit is your endurance with the Pro-TrainerTM, customize your work out by setting the resistance from 1% to 100% and anywhere in-between. Program your session up to ten different swim resistance and duration settings.


In addition to swimming, you have three seat options behind you. Two captain seats, and one seat that will sit straight up. These jets will give you a deep tissue massage. You can also find calf and foot jets so you will be rejuvenated from head to toe after your work out.


This model also comes with a 9” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar, Fitness Anchors, and Tether Anchors for additional exercise options. You can use these tools to do rowing exercises, bicep building and more.

Our Swim Pro Fitness Spas now include a total of eight models, all to suit your fitness lifestyle needs. Large enough to entertain with all the tools to stay fit.

Download our New App Today!

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HOME TAB: When the home tab is selected, you are able to access all of our entities such as Cal Spas, Cal Flame, Dealer Connection, Quick Spa Parts, and Quick BBQ Parts. You can also find a video on how we build our spas. Furthermore, you can access each website via the app.

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Introducing the Escape-867

We are always asking ourselves, how do we give you the best hydrotherapy experience? Our spas are custom made to fit your body. We have thought of all the tools
and necessities for you to feel new again. With that being said, our
Escape™ series added a new model to the list!

Escape-867 comes in a Lounge or Bench style. The main difference between the
EC-867L and EC-867B is the seating. EC-867L can sit up to six people and one of those seats is a lounge chair. This means one person can lay back and put their feet up.
The EC-867B can sit up to seven people because it is all bench seating.

Both spas offer Premium underwater LED Lighting Package. This will boost your spa experience with a visual array of LED lights throughout the spa. You can change the spa
to any color you like! For extra support, the Escape-867 comes with our Thermo-Guard™ technology. This helps lock in all plumbing and adds extra layers for protection. If the spa gets a little too hot, the Escape-867 comes with a cool off seat. The seat is more elevated than the others so you have a comfortable place to take a break from the heat.

We offer premium options for the Escape-867. First, let’s talk about the Adjustable Therapy System™ (ATS). This allows you to personalize your massage with seven pressure levels. Another great tool we offer is The Aquatic Air Therapy™ (AAT) option.
If you suffer from sore muscles then the AAT is the feature you want. You can also choose to add in our Freedom™ Sound System. Rock out to loud music, or if you are like me,
put on relaxing music to stimulate the mind. Of course, we cannot forget about
C-Light™ LED Cabinet Corner Lighting, this will enhance the look to any area of your house.

Soak up the night after a long day or enjoy your spa on the weekends with your closest friends. Either way, everyone you know will enjoy spending time in this hot tub.

For more information about Cal Spas hot tubs please visit the Cal Spas website, or locate a certified dealer in your area.

Cal Spas Introduces U-Pack™


Cal Spas allows you to customize and personalize your relaxation. Choose from 10 hydro-therapy U-Packs of your choice.

U-PACK™ HYDRO-THERAPY SYSTEM (Available on Platinum™ Plus Series.)

The U-PACK™ Hydro-Therapy System is a revolutionary way to ensure that your spa experience is personalized just for you. Each U-PACK™ is designed to provide a unique massage with unique wellness benefits. You are empowered to design your spa specifically for your personal needs and preferences.

Review the entire selection of Cal Spas U-Packs below.

Find more information about Cal Spas U-Pack™ CLICK HERE.

Visit for more information regarding Cal Spas products, features and accessories. Make your very own Home Resort more personal with Cal Spas.

Surround Yourself with Luxury!


Transform Your Patio into a Spa Resort and Save 20% on your Purchase!

Instantly add an elegant touch to any hot tub environment with Cal Metro Surrounds. Cal Metro Surrounds offers independent, movable components which can be used to create different hot tub decor options. Choose the color that best compliments your patio: Mahogany, Mist, or Smoke at Quick Spa Parts.


Enjoy a high-quality spa step for easier access into your hot tub, or add a privacy screen to your patio to add a touch of elegance and convenience at your fingertips. A corner bench will expand you living space and conveniently add a place to sit while changing into your swim wear. Available in a variety is heights and lengths, Cal Metro offers patio furniture accessories that will let you get the most from your hot tub experience.


For a very limited time, Save 20% on your purchase through November 6, 2015 when you spend $500 or more on Cal Metro Surrounds from Now is the perfect time to purchase matching outdoor accessories that will complement your patio or backyard. Match your hot tub, you’ll be able to choose between three colors to accent your home.



Find the perfect hot tub for you at We offer the widest variety in hot tubs to make sure we have one to fit every lifestyle, every budget and every patio! Shop from a 2-person hot tub, to a large 11-person swim spa. Whether you are looking for enjoyment on your own, or hosting a party, a Cal Spas will be the focus of it all.

Oktoberfest Spa


Cal Spas transforms your backyard into a ghoulish entertainment destination with the Oktoberfest Z631L Spa. Save over $1,200 with the fully loaded Oktoberfest Spa!


The contoured seats and 31 massage therapy jets on the Oktoberfest Z631L Spa will lay your body to rest, while up to 5 guests experience hair-raising relaxation beyond the supernatural. Add one to your backyard or patio this Fall for year-round relaxation, but hurry limited supplies available!

If you’re seeking solo hydrotherapy sessions under the moonlight, then you will glorify the full-length lounger seat with dedicated massage therapy jets that target those grisly stress-prone areas.

Features on the Oktoberfest Spa include:

  • 31 Spa Jets
  • 1 x 6.0 Power Frame Pump
  • 50 sq. ft. Filtration System
  • Thermo-Shield™ with Thermo-Layer
  • Pure Silk™ Ozonator
  • LED Cascade Waterfall
  • Whirlpool Jet
  • Freedom Sound System™ with Subwoofer and Bluetooth Technology
  • Perimeter LED lighting

Special Offer is only while supplies last.

Contact your local Cal Spas Dealer for additional information.

Cal Spas on VH1’s Twinning

Cal Spas will be featured in VH1’s new reality television show, “Twinning”maxresdefault

The network’s website describes the show:

For the first time ever, VH1 is doubling down on a reality competition series that will put “twin-tuition” to the test in“Twinning” premiering Wednesday, July 22nd at 10PM ET/PT with ten hour-long episodes.

Watch the first episode, here.

Hosted by Angie Greenup,“Twinning” is an arc’d competition series in which twelve sets of twins will go head to head for a grand prize of $222,222.22. But getting there won’t be easy. Viewers will experience double the meltdowns, double the hook-ups, and, of course, double the twists when twin teams are pushed to their limits in unexpected ways. As the strengths and weaknesses of each twin pair is revealed, relationships will be tested and resentments will be exposed. In the end, the pair of twins left standing will win the cash prize, and be crowned as the twinners.

Cal Spas has provided a set of TWIN Platinum Series 860 Bench Spas for the contestants of the show.
CaptureMake sure to tune in to Vh1 on Wednesdays to catch “Twinning”

Fore more information about Cal Spas and products, or to find a dealer near you, please visit 

Freedom Sound System

Celebrate Independence Day with a BOOM!!!

Take total control of your music with Cal Spas Freedom Sound System™. Don’t be limited by the length of a cord, wireless Bluetooth technology lets you control your music through your smart device from anywhere inside, or outside your Cal Spas hot tub.

Free Subwoofer 600x600For a limited time through 4th of July Weekend, purchase any Patio, Connect, Escape or Platinum Series hot tub and receive a Freedom Sound System™ FOR FREE. Roam in comfort without any tangled cords, and celebrate your FREEDOM this Independence Day! Visit Cal Spas Website to shop our extensive hot tub selection, find the perfect hot tub for your home today.Interior design: Beautiful modern terrace lounge with pergola at

CLICK HERE to contact your local dealer to receive your free Freedom Sound System™ with Bluetooth!

Additional restrictions may apply, contact your local Certified Cal Spas dealer for details.