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Complete Backyard Makeover

With the New Year quickly approaching, what better time to give your backyard the makeover it deserves? With Cal Spas’ complete line of Home Resort products, the backyard you’ve always dreamed of is finally within reach! Whether you are looking for a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, fireplace or sauna, Cal Spas has everything you need to transform your backyard into a complete, state-of-the-art Home Resort. Regardless of the occasion, Cal Spas offers the products you need to entertain family and friends. With the latest in Home Resort products, your backyard will soon be the talk of the neighborhood! Turn your backyard into the private outdoor paradise you deserve with Cal Spas today!

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At-Home Sauna Retreat

Transform the corner of any room into an at-home sauna retreat with the IR400AC infrared sauna by Cal Heat. Seat up to four people and enjoy the dry heat from the infrared heater panels that are recessed in the sauna paneling. The IR400AC sauna features double walled insulation and is solidly constructed of wood. Hemlock wood is utilized in the wall paneling and is a species of wood that is known for its fresh scent, smooth texture and weather resistant durability. The IR400AC produces dry heat rather than steam and does not require water or rocks.

The IR400AC also includes a built-in CD player and two speakers to play your favorite music. And for nighttime use, the IR400AC can be illuminated with the flip of a switch by interior and exterior LED lights. An oxygen ionizer is also included to refresh the air in your sauna.

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Rejuvenate in Style

Cal Heat Saunas are warm, welcoming retreats with many social and therapeutic benefits. With Cal Heat Saunas, you can enjoy the benefits of a centuries-proven thermal therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home. These innovative saunas combine advanced engineering with distinctive innovations and styling. Studies have shown that regular sauna use combined with exercise therapy can help purge the body of unwanted chemicals, solvents, and promotes many wellness benefits. Use your Cal Heat Sauna to cleanse your body of these harmful impurities, strengthen your immune system, and escape from the stress of everyday life. Cal Heat Saunas are not only beneficial to your health; they are also beautiful additions to your backyard retreat and designed to complete your Home Resort experience.

For additional information on Cal Heat Saunas, please visit: http://www.calheatsauna.com/

Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Studies have shown that regular sauna use combined with exercise therapy can help purge the body of unwanted chemicals, solvents and toxic elements, and promote many wellness benefits.

Rejuvenate In Comfort
Just a few minutes in the warmth of a Cal Heat Infrared Sauna will soothe nerves, relieve tension and relax tight muscles. With Cal Heat’s wide selection of sauna styles, sizes, options and accessories, consumers can customize the perfect sauna to meet their Home Resort and budget ideals.

Detoxify the Body
A Cal Heat Infrared Sauna’s beneficial heat enhances the body’s natural detoxification process through the process of sweating. Warmth causes capillaries to dilate and increases blood flow, which pushes the heart to pump faster. Increased circulation allows the body to collect and flush out waste products. Sweat carries these waste products out of the body through the pores.

Improve the Immune System
During a Cal Heat Infrared Sauna session, the body’s temperature increases to a feverish level. A fever is the body’s natural defense to combating bacteria and viral agents, neither of which survive well at temperatures higher than normal body temperature. When fighting a cold, sitting in a sauna also helps to relieve nasal congestion and minor respiratory discomforts.

Relieve Muscle & Joint Stress
Soothing heat from a Cal Heat Infrared Sauna provides relief to stressed joints and tight muscles. As muscles are heated and warmed, they become more flexible and limber. Exposed to high heat, the body releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals. Increased blood circulation also delivers oxygen-rich blood to tired muscles to aid in muscle recovery.

Improve Skin Complexion
Cal Heat Infrared Saunas also aid rejuvenation of the skin for a vibrant complexion. As the body sweats, skin is cleansed from the inside out as increased circulation draws the skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface. As the heart pumps harder, more oxygen is delivered to the skin. Regular sauna usage promotes improved skin tone, elasticity, texture and clarity.

For additional information on Cal Heat Infrared Saunas, please visit: http://www.calheatsauna.com/