Chromotherapy Benefits of Owning a Cal Spa


When you purchase a Cal Spas Connect Select or Escape Select Series spa one of the key features included is our incomparable LED cascade waterfall. Our cascade waterfall adds to your enjoyment and overall experience by surrounding you with light and color at eye level as you are enjoying your spa, but can be enjoyed from your patio as well.

An added benefit to the cascade waterfall incorporates the ancient healing benefits of chromotherapy, or the use of color to naturally heal the body and help relieve everyday stress and tension.

Here is a list of what each color of the spectrum means in terms of chromotherapy and the benefits.

Red – Increases energy and power. Helps influences vitality.

Orange – Cures procrastination and improves attention. Orange stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm.

Yellow – Brings about feelings of joy and optimism. Helps digestion and has a cleansing affect. Stimulates happiness and brings about a sense of security.

Green – Fights depression. It is useful in fighting irritability and insomnia as well as reducing anxiety.

Blue – Promotes relaxation and reduces high blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. Also has a relaxing effect on muscles.

Purple – Boosts self worth, grants wisdom and decreases sensitivity to pain. This color also helps the body in detoxification.

The healing properties of chromotherapy are just another in a long list of the benefits of regular hot tub usage and yet another benefit to choosing a Cal Spas hot tub.


Relieve Stress With A Cal Spas Hot Tub

Hot Tubs have been scientifically shown to reduce stress. With a Cal Spas hot tub we can help you alleviate and manage stress that is a part of everyday life.

Studies have shown the benefits of raising your body temperature for 15-20 minutes a day as a cure for sleeplessness and insomnia.

  • Hot tubs can increase circulation which relieves muscle and joint pain in many cases even arthritis.
  • Relaxing in warm water can help to release endorphins, which is similar to the feeling you get after a long run or bike run.
  • The warm water and massage provided by the jets in a hot tub can reduce headaches and tension.
  • The buoyancy of the water allows for relief on joints and lower back pain leading to relaxation and better sleeping patterns.

A Cal Spas Hot Tub is a wise investment and promotes greater health and well being that last well after you step out of the water.

Don’t Stop The Music

Why should you have to choose between relaxing in your CalSpas hot tub and your favorite MP3s or FM radio stations?

With the iPod isound™ stereo system available as an option on certain models, you can now listen to music or FM radio from most iPod or iPhones as you relax and enjoy your hot tub. This system even comes with a remote control which can be accessed from anywhere in the tub and is also blue tooth accessible.

Whether you enjoy our CalSpas swim spas or the relaxing Fountain of Youth series, you never have to choose between the water and the music ever again.



Romantic Spa Getaway

Cal Spas LED lighting will instantly turn your hot tub into a romantic backyard getaway. Ideal for evening use, LED lighting options include topside perimeter lighting, underwater lighting, and illuminated valves, speakers and displays on some hot tubs. To add to your romantic spa experience, exterior LED porch lighting is available on most Cal Spas hot tubs. Best of all, LED lighting can be programmed to alternate between seven colors on two color modes or shine on a particular hue to create the ideal romantic setting.

Exclusive Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting
All Cal Spas hot tubs offer the exclusive Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting option. With the Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting, each jet light is programmed to turn on when the jet is set to maximum flow and shut off when the jet is turned off. This breathtaking option also features an individual on/off functionality for each jet – an industry first!

Smart Choices
When compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs last up to 50 times longer and use 1/10 of power – saving you money!

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At-Home Tropical Retreat

Our breathtaking water features will instantly turn your Cal Spas hot tub into your very own tropical paradise. These sensual waterfalls come in classic cascade or solid water stream styles and are specific to each Cal Spas spa series.

Our LED water features will add a touch of romance to your backyard Home Resort and enhance the look and feel of your Cal Spas hot tub.

Cascade Waterfall™
This cascading waterfall will give your hot tub a classic, elegant look.

Oval Waterfall™
This traditional waterfall will turn your hot tub into a breathtaking spa retreat.

LED Filter Waterfall™
Keep your hot tub filter discretely hidden behind this beautiful cascading waterfall.

LED Dual Hydrostreamers™
These solid water streams instantly add an exotic touch to your hot tub.

LED Dual Cascading Hydrostreamers™
These cascading water streams will take you away to your own tropical oasis.

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