Baby Boomer Special Hot Tub Line Up

Baby Boomer Special Hot Tub Line Up

Cal Spas recognizes that the Baby Boomer Generation is ready to indulge! Here at Cal Spas, we have hand-picked a Spa Line up that is ideal for Baby Boomers based off of Market Research.

The Baby Boomer Spa Line Up Includes:

  • Round PZ-511R
  • Balboa PZ-517L / PPZ-525L
  • Vista PZ-617T / PPZ-628T
  • Kona PZ-524L / PPZ-534L
  • Hawaiian PZ-621L / PPZ-631L

We are featuring these spas due to the face that it is easy to get in and out of the spa; they have the most value with the smallest footprint, very cost-effective, and enjoyable!

Each of the featured spas has a Plug and Play feature, you can simply plug the spa into a regular outlet and let bubbles melt stress away. The spa stays crystal clean with a 50 sq. ft. filter utilizing the Cal Spas Teleweir Filter System (Bio-Clean).

The Patio Spa collection comes equipped with 11-31 exclusive Stainless Steel ‘Candy Cane’ Jets, depending on the spa model. Strategically placed to massage soft and deep tissue muscles.

The spa maintains perfect temperature via the WhisperHot 5.5kW Titanium Heater w/ side panels and Thermo-Layer Floor w/ ABS liner. Also comes standard with an intuitive, full-color display, Oval Control Panel.

The fun part? Baby Boomers can light up the spa with a 5” Multi-Colored LED Light with various modes. Choose to upgrade to Perimeter LED Lighting and/or Wi-fi Module to stimulate the senses even more.

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